Unlock Stars: 700+ Unique Space WiFi Names for Your Network


In today’s interconnected world, where the internet is an integral part of our daily lives, having a unique and amusing WiFi network name can add a touch of personality to your home or office. If you’re a fan of all things space-related and love to infuse a little humor into your network naming game, this article is tailored just for you. We will explore a vast galaxy of funny space WiFi names that will not only make your network stand out but also bring a smile to anyone trying to connect. Whether you’re a sci-fi enthusiast, an astronomy buff, or just someone who appreciates a good pun, there’s something here for everyone.

Space Wifi Names
Space Names for Wireless Router

Best Space Wifi Names

Here’s a list of 100 space-themed Wi-Fi network names in English:

  1. Starship Network
  2. Cosmic Connection
  3. Space Odyssey
  4. Warp Speed Wi-Fi
  5. Interstellar Internet
  6. Nebula Network
  7. Galaxy Guardian
  8. Alien Access Point
  9. Black Hole Hotspot
  10. Astral Wi-Fi
  11. Satellite Signal
  12. Celestial Surf
  13. Zero Gravity Zone
  14. UFO Unleashed
  15. Comet Connection
  16. Solar Flare Signal
  17. Apollo Access
  18. Hubble Hub
  19. Rocket Router
  20. Mars Base Station
  21. Deep Space Network
  22. Astronaut’s Link
  23. Spacecraft Stream
  24. AstroNet Explorer
  25. Orbiting Online
  26. Planetary Portal
  27. Nebula Navigator
  28. Star Cluster Connect
  29. Andromeda Access
  30. Galactic Gateway
  31. Space Probe Network
  32. Red Planet Link
  33. Supernova Surf
  34. Astral Beacon
  35. Comet Comms
  36. Cosmic Cruiser
  37. Satellite Signal
  38. UFO Upload
  39. Gravity GigaLink
  40. Alien Amplifier
  41. Venus Vibes
  42. Neptune’s Network
  43. Lunar Link
  44. Solar Spectrum
  45. Terra Tech Hub
  46. AstroWave Express
  47. Astral Alcove
  48. Nebula Nexus
  49. Gravity Grid
  50. Starship Stream
  51. Skyward Signal
  52. Martian Matrix
  53. Interstellar Interface
  54. Solar Satellite
  55. AstroLink Alpha
  56. Voyager’s Wi-Fi
  57. Celestial Connection
  58. Deep Space Detector
  59. Aurora Access Point
  60. Nebula Nova
  61. Moonlight Modem
  62. Saturn’s Signal
  63. Planet Portal
  64. Supernova Stream
  65. Cyberspace Shuttle
  66. Space-Time Link
  67. Starship Sync
  68. Asteroid Amplifier
  69. Astral Alliance
  70. Cosmo Connect
  71. Terra Transmit
  72. Meteor Mingle
  73. Galaxy Gigabit
  74. Celestial Surf
  75. Venus Vertex
  76. Rocket Reach
  77. Lunar Lighthouse
  78. Comet Cloud
  79. Solar Flare Signal
  80. Martian Mesh
  81. AstroNet Nexus
  82. Gravity Galaxy
  83. Saturn’s Spectrum
  84. Warp Zone Wi-Fi
  85. Space Beacon
  86. Nebula Node
  87. Supernova Station
  88. Interstellar Illuminator
  89. Moonbase Mesh
  90. PlanetLink Plus
  91. Cosmic Communicator
  92. Galactic Grid
  93. Starship Signal
  94. Solar System Stream
  95. Aurora Access
  96. Terra Tech Touchdown
  97. Spacecraft Sync
  98. Space Station Stream
  99. Nebula Navigator
  100. Celestial Streamline

Pop Culture References

Using Iconic Space Movies and Shows

“Star Wars” Themed WiFi Names

  1. Death Star Data Dock – May the Wi-Fi force be with you.
  2. Alderaan Afterparty – A blast from the past.

“Star Trek” Inspired WiFi Names

  1. USS Wi-Fi-prise – Boldly connecting where no one has connected before.
  2. KlingonNet – For those who boldly go online.

Other Space-Themed TV Shows and Movies

“The Expanse” WiFi Names

  1. Rocinante’s Network – Keeping the crew online in the far reaches of space.
  2. Belters’ Hub – Beltalowda, unite online.

“Guardians of the Galaxy” Inspired WiFi Names

  1. Awesome Mix Network – Dance-off, anyone?
  2. I Am Groot’s Hotspot – Groot connection, groot fun.

Astronomical Wonders.

Planet Satrun Space
Planet Saturn Space

Celestial Bodies as WiFi Names

“Black Hole” WiFi Network

  1. Singularity Signal – Where data mysteriously disappears.
  2. Event Horizon Connection – You can check out anytime you like, but your data can never leave.

Naming Your Network After Planets

  1. Mars Base Station – Connecting you to the red planet.
  2. Venusian Voyager – Love is in the network.

Futuristic and Alien Themes

Embracing Sci-Fi for WiFi Names

“Alien Invasion Network”

  1. Martian Invaders – They come in peace…to browse the web.
  2. E.T. Phone Home Wi-Fi – E.T. stayed for the broadband.

Space Aliens and UFOs

  1. Roswell’s Secret Network – The truth is out there, and so is your Wi-Fi.
  2. Area 51 Secure Connection – What happens on the Wi-Fi, stays on the Wi-Fi.

Funny Space Wifi Names

Here are some funny space WiFi network names:

  1. Area 51 Surveillance
  2. Starship Wi-Five
  3. NASA Satellite Link
  4. Lost in Space
  5. Hubble’s Hotspot
  6. Galactic Router 9000
  7. Apollo 11 Internet Module
  8. UFO Detection Network
  9. The Interstellar Web
  10. Mars Rover Connection
  11. Space Odyssey Network
  12. Black Hole WiFi
  13. ET’s Phone Home Network
  14. Martian Transmission Hub
  15. Cosmic WiFi Explorer
  16. Andromeda Bandwidth
  17. Saturn’s Ring of Connectivity
  18. Milky Way Mesh Network
  19. Alien Access Point
  20. Zero Gravity Network
  21. Wormhole Wireless
  22. Pluto’s Not a Planet, But This Is
  23. Nebula Network
  24. Interplanetary Link
  25. Sunspot WiFi
  26. Meteorite Mesh
  27. Astral Signal
  28. AstroLink
  29. Lunar Landing Zone
  30. Constellation Connection
  31. Solar Flare Speed
  32. Starship Enterprise Wi-Fi
  33. Interstellar ISP
  34. AstroBytes
  35. Space-Time Signal
  36. Starbase Station
  37. Quantum WiFi
  38. Cosmic Surf
  39. Hypernova Network
  40. Celestial Connect
  41. Warp Speed Web
  42. The Dark Matter Network
  43. Nebula Navigator
  44. Alien Autocorrect
  45. AstroGigabyte
  46. Spacetime Spectrum
  47. Solar System Surfing
  48. Satellite Symphony
  49. Deep Space Data
  50. Starlight Streaming
  51. Pulsar Pulse
  52. Space Jam Network
  53. CosmoConnection
  54. Interstellar Infinity
  55. Celestial Cyberspace
  56. Moonbase Hub
  57. Interplanetary Internet
  58. Spacewalk Signal
  59. Galactic GigaHertz
  60. Starship Streaming
  61. Warp Core WiFi
  62. Comet Connection
  63. Quasar Quicksilver
  64. UFO Uploads
  65. Martian Megabytes
  66. Time Warp Wireless
  67. Apollo Astronaut
  68. Cosmic Ray Router
  69. Satellite Serenade
  70. Nebula Nexus
  71. Starship Strong Signal
  72. Dark Matter Data
  73. Saturn’s Signal Strength
  74. Planet-Hop Hotspot
  75. Cosmic Frequency
  76. Mars Mission Mesh
  77. Alien Aether
  78. Spaceport Spectrum
  79. Gravity Wave Gig
  80. Solar Wind WiFi
  81. Orbiting Hotspot
  82. Comet Communique
  83. AstroAntenna
  84. Starship Streamline
  85. Interstellar Insight
  86. UFO Upstream
  87. Astral Access
  88. Lunar Link-Up
  89. Venus Visitor Network
  90. Andromeda Apparatus
  91. Cosmic Code Carrier
  92. Wormhole Webs
  93. Quasar Quest
  94. Stardust Stream
  95. Galactic Gigalink
  96. Hyperdrive Hotspot
  97. Milky Way Minuet
  98. Nebula Network Node
  99. Alien Alphanumeric
  100. Celestial Cipher

Remember to keep it light-hearted and considerate when choosing a funny WiFi network name For Space!

Space Exploration and Technology

Space Agencies and Missions

“NASA’s Secure WiFi”

  1. Curiosity Rover’s Connection – Data exploration on Mars.
  2. Apollo 11 Hotspot – The first step to a fast connection.

Cutting-Edge Space Technology

“Quantum Satellite Link”

  1. Warp Drive Wi-Fi – Browsing at warp speed.
  2. Rocket Boosted Network – Ready for liftoff.

Cosmic Humor

Puns and Wordplay in WiFi Names

“Router in Orbit”

  1. OrbitNet Odyssey – To infinity and beyond the router.
  2. The Space Between Networks – It’s not just a connection; it’s an adventure.

Wit and Sarcasm in Network Titles

  1. You’re Being Watched – By the satellite, of course.
  2. This Space for Rent – For all your cosmic advertising needs.

Inspiration from Sci-Fi Authors

WiFi Names Based on Classic Science Fiction

“Asimov’s WiFi World”

  1. Foundation of Connectivity – Built on Asimov’s knowledge.
  2. Robot Revolution Network – Where even AI needs Wi-Fi.

Modern Sci-Fi Authors and Their Influence

“Hitchhiker’s Guide to WiFi”

  1. Don’t Panic Network – When in doubt, connect.
  2. Adams’ Infinite Improbability Network – Anything is possible on this network.

Cosmic Creatures and Beings

Imaginary Space Creatures

“Martian Marshmallow Monsters”

  1. Mars Attacks Connection – Wi-Fi that’s out of this world.
  2. Marshmallow Mayhem – Watch out for the sweet spot.

Mythological Space Entities

“Phoenix Nebula Network”

  1. Rebirth Router – Rising from the ashes of slow connections.
  2. Cthulhu’s Abyssal WiFi – Eldritch browsing for the brave.

Galactic Music and Art References

Legendary Musicians and Bands

“Bowie’s Ziggy Stardust Network”

  1. Space Oddity Hotspot – Ground control to major browsing.
  2. Starmen Connection – Waiting in the sky for your device.

Space Art and Artists

“Van Gogh’s Starry Night Network”

  1. Starry Wi-Fi Night – Connect under a starry sky.
  2. Hubble’s Telescope WiFi – Bringing the cosmos to your screen.

Space Wars and Battles

WiFi Names Inspired by Space Conflicts

“Battle of Alderaan Network”

  1. Yavin 4 Defense Network – Protecting against the Empire.
  2. Battlestar Galactica Grid – So say we all, to faster internet.

Interstellar Duels and Showdowns

  1. Space Pirate’s Dueling Arena – Pirates of the high-speed seas.
  2. Darth Vader’s Saber Signal – The dark side of the network.

Time Travel and Wormholes

Time-Related Network Names

“Einstein’s Time Warp WiFi”

  1. Relatively Fast Connection – Warp 1, engage!
  2. Dr. Who’s TARDIS Connection – Browsing through time and space.

Wormholes and Alternate Realities

  1. Wormhole Expressway – Taking the shortcut through the Wi-Fi dimension.
  2. Parallel Universe Portal – Connecting to alternate realities.

Satellite and Spacecraft Names

Naming Your Network After Satellites

  1. Hubble Space Telescope Hub – Where even stars come into focus.
  2. International Space Station Link – The ultimate orbital connection.

Iconic Spacecraft WiFi Titles

  1. Voyager’s Data Transmission – Sending your data to the far reaches of the galaxy.
  2. Apollo Lunar Landing Network – One small step for Wi-Fi, one giant leap for connectivity.

Astronomy and Constellations

WiFi Names from the Night Sky

  1. Orion’s Belt Connection – Connecting the stars.
  2. Big Dipper’s Signal – Dipping into the web.

Ancient Constellations as Network Titles

  1. Pegasus Pioneers Network – Soaring through the web like a mythical steed.
  2. Leo the Lion’s Link – The heart of the network jungle.

Galactic Comedy and Parody

Comedy Skits in WiFi Names

  1. Galactic Giggle Grid – Where laughter travels at the speed of light.
  2. Comedy from Andromeda – The funniest star system in the galaxy.

Parody of Sci-Fi Classics

  1. The Matrix Mirth Network – Red pill or blue pill? Choose a Wi-Fi name.
  2. Spaceballs’ Spoof WiFi – Ludicrous speed browsing.

Nerdy and Geeky Space References

Geek Culture WiFi Names

  1. D20 Dice Roll Network – Rolling for a critical connection.
  2. Tolkien’s WiFi Fellowship – One network to rule them all.

Internet Memes and Geeky Jokes

  1. Rickrolling Rocket Network – Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down…online.
  2. Distracted Boyfriend Connection – A network that knows what you really want.

Space Mysteries and Legends

Unsolved Space Enigmas

  1. Bermuda Triangle of Space – Where signals mysteriously vanish.
  2. Mysterious Dark Matter Network – A network full of dark secrets.

Urban Legends and Space Myths

  1. Moon Landing Hoax Hotspot – Where moon conspiracies go online.
  2. Alien Abduction Network – Get beamed up for fast browsing.

Telescopes and Observatories Wifi Names

WiFi Names Inspired by Telescopes

  1. Kepler’s Exoplanet View – Exploring new worlds of Wi-Fi.
  2. Mauna Kea Stargazing Network – Reaching for the stars through the Internet.

Observatories as Network Titles

  1. Arecibo’s Cosmic Connection – Listening to the stars and streaming.
  2. Palomar Skywatch WiFi – Observing the web and beyond.

Space Poetry and Quotes

WiFi Names with Cosmic Quotes

  1. Carl Sagan’s Wisdom Network – The cosmos is within us, and so is the Wi-Fi.
  2. Space Poetry Connection – Where words become the universe.

Famous Astronomers and Philosophers

  1. Galileo’s Starry Writings – The network is written in the stars.
  2. Einstein’s Universe of Words – Imagination will take you everywhere, including online.

Space Cuisine and Foodie Names

Sci-Fi Food in WiFi Titles

  1. Jabba’s Palace Pizza Hub – The hut’s hotspot for a tasty connection.
  2. Starship Galley Network – Beam me up some Wi-Fi snacks.

Alien Food Adventures

  1. Klingon Cuisine Connection – For the honor of a delicious connection.
  2. Ewok’s Endor Eats – A network that’s out of this world, and into the trees.


In the vast expanse of WiFi naming possibilities, the space-themed names offer a unique and amusing way to personalize your network. These funny space WiFi names provide a glimpse into the imagination and creativity of those who boldly go where no one has gone before, at least in terms of naming their networks.


Whether you’re exploring the depths of sci-fi, gazing at the stars, or simply looking for a good laugh, the world of space WiFi names has something for everyone. So, set your network to warp speed and embark on a journey through the cosmos of connectivity. May the signal be with you!

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