Best Funny Tesla Names: Find Art of Tesla Naming in 2023


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In the world of electric vehicles, Tesla has become a household name, known not only for its innovative technology but also for its quirky and sometimes humorous approach to branding. One aspect of Tesla’s charm that often brings a smile to enthusiasts’ faces is the naming convention of their vehicles. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the world of Tesla and explore the funny and unconventional names they’ve given to their electric cars.


Tesla, founded by Elon Musk, is renowned for its groundbreaking electric vehicles, pushing the boundaries of technology and sustainability. But beyond their cutting-edge engineering, Tesla has a playful side that manifests in the unique names they give to their cars. These names, often rooted in science fiction, pop culture, and wordplay, add a touch of humor to the world of electric cars.

A Tradition of Innovation

Before we delve into the humorous names, let’s briefly touch on Tesla’s history of innovation. Founded in 2003, the company has consistently pushed the envelope in electric vehicle technology. Their commitment to sustainability and performance has earned them a dedicated following worldwide.

The Naming Tradition

Funny Tesla Names
White Tesla Car

Tesla’s naming tradition is a departure from the conventional alphanumeric codes used by many other automakers. Instead of dull combinations of letters and numbers, Tesla’s vehicles are given distinct, memorable names that often reflect their unique features or characteristics.


Model S: The ‘S’ Stands for Speed

The Model S, one of Tesla’s most iconic vehicles, is known for its lightning-fast acceleration and impressive top speed. The ‘S’ in Model S is believed to stand for “Speed,” emphasizing the car’s performance capabilities.

Model 3: An E for Everyone

Originally intended to be named Model E, Tesla had to change it to Model 3 due to a trademark dispute. Nevertheless, the Model 3 fits perfectly into Tesla’s naming scheme and continues the tradition of simplicity in nomenclature.

Model X: Falcon-Wing Doors and More

The Model X is renowned for its distinctive falcon-wing doors, which open upward like the wings of a bird. The ‘X’ in its name symbolizes the extraordinary, signifying the vehicle’s innovative design and features.

Model Y: The Mystery of Y

The Model Y is often considered the enigma in Tesla’s naming lineup. While some speculate that ‘Y’ could represent “Why not?” or “Youthful,” Tesla has not officially revealed the inspiration behind this letter.

Puns and Wordplay

Tesla’s naming conventions often include clever puns and wordplay, adding a touch of humor to their vehicles’ identities.

Ludicrous Mode: Ludicrously Fast

When Tesla introduced Ludicrous Mode, it was a game-changer for acceleration enthusiasts. This mode, available in some Model S and Model X versions, allows these electric cars to go from 0 to 60 mph in a mind-blowing time. The name itself, “Ludicrous Mode,” is a humorous nod to the incredible speed it offers.

Bioweapon Defense Mode: Taking Clean Air Seriously

Tesla’s commitment to clean air and environmental sustainability is evident in its vehicles. The Model X even comes equipped with a “Bioweapon Defense Mode,” which, with its high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filter, can create a clean and safe environment inside the car even in extreme conditions.

Dog Mode: Pampering Our Furry Friends

For pet owners, Tesla introduced “Dog Mode,” a feature that keeps the car’s climate control system active when the vehicle is parked. This ensures that pets inside the car stay comfortable, and a message on the screen reassures concerned passersby that the pets are safe.

Sci-Fi and Pop Culture References

Tesla draws inspiration from science fiction and pop culture when naming their vehicles, adding an element of fun and recognition for fans of these genres.

Cybertruck: A Vehicle from the Future

When Tesla unveiled the Cybertruck, it was unlike anything seen before. With its angular, stainless steel exterior, it looked straight out of a science fiction movie. The name “Cybertruck” perfectly captures the futuristic and cyberpunk aesthetics of this electric pickup.

Roadster: A Tribute to Speed

The original Tesla Roadster was Tesla’s first production car, and the name itself is a nod to classic sports car heritage. It’s a reminder that Tesla’s journey began with a sports car, and they haven’t forgotten their roots.

The Future of Tesla Names

As Tesla continues to innovate and expand its vehicle lineup, one can only wonder what creative and humorous names they will come up with next. With upcoming releases like the Tesla Semi and the rumored compact car, the possibilities for fun and unconventional names are endless.

Tesla Semi: Trucking into the Future

The Tesla Semi is set to revolutionize the trucking industry with its electric powertrain and impressive range. While the official name hasn’t been confirmed yet, Tesla’s naming history suggests that it could be something that captures the essence of this groundbreaking vehicle.

Compact Car: A Smaller Tesla with Big Potential

Tesla’s plans for a compact car to make electric vehicles even more accessible are no secret. Whether it will be named Model C, Model T, or something entirely unexpected, it’s sure to continue Tesla’s tradition of memorable names.

10 Best Tesla Names With Meaning

Blue color tesla car with logo
Blue color tesla car with logo

1. “Sparky the Electric Unicorn”

Imagine driving down the road in a car that resembles a unicorn. That’s the magic of “Sparky the Electric Unicorn.” This whimsical name belongs to a Tesla Model X that’s been modified to look like a mythical creature. Complete with a unicorn horn and rainbow-colored accents, Sparky turns heads wherever it goes.

The Story Behind the Name

The owner, Sarah, a passionate Tesla enthusiast, wanted to create a car that would stand out in a crowd. She spent months customizing her Model X, adding a colorful wrap and even a sparkling horn on the front. When it came time to name her creation, “Sparky the Electric Unicorn” seemed like the perfect fit. It captures the essence of her car’s unique appearance and its electric power.

2. “Bolt Lightning”

A Name Charged with Energy

When it comes to naming a Tesla, some owners draw inspiration from the car’s electric power. “Bolt Lightning” is a prime example. This name perfectly encapsulates the exhilarating speed and lightning-fast acceleration that Tesla vehicles are known for.

The Story Behind the Name

Jake, the proud owner of a Tesla Model S, is a true speed enthusiast. He chose “Bolt Lightning” because he wanted a name that would reflect his car’s incredible acceleration. With its Ludicrous Mode engaged, Jake’s Model S can go from 0 to 60 mph in mere seconds, making it feel like a bolt of lightning on wheels.

3. “Joules the Electric Explorer”

A Journey into the Electric Unknown

Tesla cars are not just vehicles; they’re an adventure waiting to happen. “Joules the Electric Explorer” is a Tesla Model Y that embodies the spirit of exploration and curiosity. This name celebrates the endless possibilities of electric travel.

The Story Behind the Name

Sophie, the owner of the Model Y, is a nature lover and avid explorer. She often takes her Tesla on road trips to discover new landscapes and go off the beaten path. Naming her car “Joules” after the unit of energy was a nod to the limitless adventures she could have with her electric companion.

4. “Wattson”

A Punny Tribute to Genius

Tesla cars are a testament to human innovation, and some owners like to pay tribute to the genius behind the brand. “Wattson” is a clever play on words, blending “watt,” a unit of power, with “Watson,” a nod to the legendary inventor and engineer Thomas Edison.

The Story Behind the Name

Mark, the proud owner of a Tesla Model 3, is an engineer by profession and a fan of wordplay. He wanted a name that would not only reflect the electric power of his car but also pay homage to the great inventors who have shaped our world. “Wattson” was the perfect choice.

5. “Teslaquila”

A Blend of Luxury and Humor

Tesla cars are often associated with luxury and sophistication, but that doesn’t mean their owners can’t have a sense of humor. “Teslaquila” is a playful fusion of “Tesla” and “tequila,” bringing a touch of fun to the world of electric vehicles.

The Story Behind the Name

Maria, the owner of a Tesla Model X, loves to have a good time and wanted her car’s name to reflect her lively personality. She came up with “Teslaquila” during a fun night out with friends, and the name stuck. It’s now become a conversation starter wherever she goes.

6. “Elon’s Dream Machine”

A Tribute to the Visionary

Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla, is known for his visionary ideas and commitment to a sustainable future. Some Tesla owners pay homage to him through their car’s names. “Elon’s Dream Machine” is a testament to the dream that Musk has turned into reality.

The Story Behind the Name

David, the owner of a Tesla Model S, is a huge admirer of Elon Musk and his work. He believes that Musk’s vision for a greener and more sustainable world is truly inspiring. Naming his car “Elon’s Dream Machine” is his way of showing support for the Tesla CEO’s mission.

7. “Volta”

A Name Steeped in History

Alessandro Volta, the Italian physicist who invented the battery, made a significant contribution to the world of electricity. “Volta” is a name that pays homage to this pioneering scientist while celebrating the electric power of Tesla cars.

The Story Behind the Name

Emily, the owner of a Tesla Model 3, has always been fascinated by the history of electricity and its evolution. She chose the name “Volta” to honor the scientist who paved the way for modern electric technology. For her, driving a Tesla is like carrying a piece of history on the road.

8. “Ampere”

A Name for the Electrically Inclined

For those who appreciate the finer details of electric power, “Ampere” is a name that resonates. Named after André-Marie Ampère, a French physicist and mathematician, this choice reflects a deep appreciation for the science behind Tesla’s technology.

The Story Behind the Name

Michael, the owner of a Tesla Model Y, is an engineer with a passion for physics. To him, the name “Ampere” represents the unit of electric current and the fundamental principles that make Tesla cars possible. It’s a name that showcases his love for both science and innovation.

9. “Charged Crusader”

A Name with a Heroic Touch

Some Tesla owners see their cars as champions of sustainability and environmental responsibility. “Charged Crusader” is a name that embodies the spirit of a superhero fighting for a greener world.

The Story Behind the Name

Lisa, the owner of a Tesla Model X, is an environmental activist who believes in the power of electric vehicles to combat climate change. Naming her car “Charged Crusader” is a declaration of her commitment to a cleaner future and a symbol of her belief in the positive impact of electric cars.

10. “Nikola Tesla”

Honoring the Namesake

Last but not least, some Tesla owners pay tribute to the man behind the name—Nikola Tesla himself. This name choice is a direct homage to the inventor and engineer whose work laid the foundation for modern electricity.

The Story Behind the Name

John, the proud owner of a Tesla Model S, has always been fascinated by Nikola Tesla’s contributions to science and technology. He chose to name his car after the inventor as a way of honoring his legacy and acknowledging the pioneering spirit that drives Tesla Motors.

100+ Funny Tesla Names List

  1. Sparky McSparkface
  2. Teslarama
  3. Elon’s Pride
  4. Voltswagen
  5. Zapmobile
  6. Model S-izzle
  7. Tesla-rrific
  8. Electron Express
  9. Ludicrous Lark
  10. Shockwave
  11. Amped Up
  12. Amped Up
  13. Battery Boy/Girl
  14. Charge Harder
  15. Current Mood: Electric
  16. Elon’s Chariot
  17. Electron Wrangler
  18. Fully Charged
  19. Futuremobile
  20. Juice Box Junkie
  21. Lightning Rod
  22. Model 3PO
  23. Musk-Have
  24. Power Ranger
  25. Road Rage Racer
  26. Shock and Awe
  27. Tesla-Rex
  28. The Electrifyin’ One
  29. The Future Is Now
  30. The Teslacoaster
  31. Watt’s Up?
  32. Zero Emissions, Maximum Fun
  33. Watt’s Up
  34. Model X-traordinary
  35. Electra Glide
  36. Bolt Buster
  37. Ohm Sweet Ohm
  38. Power Surge
  39. Electronaut
  40. Giga Grin
  41. Tesla-tation
  42. Electric Dream
  43. Supercharged Smiley
  44. Juiced Up
  45. Model Y-Not
  46. Thunderstruck
  47. Buzz Lightyear
  48. Model Zany
  49. Voltage Viking
  50. Elon’s Lightning
  51. Charge-a-lot
  52. Shock and Awe
  53. Bolt Bolt
  54. Electric Elegance
  55. Model TEE-hee
  56. Tesla-tastic
  57. Jolt Cruiser
  58. Electri-Cool
  59. Model S-arcasm
  60. Charge Runner
  61. Voltaic Vibes
  62. Gigafied
  63. Electroninja
  64. Amped Attitude
  65. Boltzilla
  66. Lightning McTesla
  67. Model Wow
  68. Power Play
  69. Ampire
  70. Sparkster
  71. Electronauticus
  72. Model Speed
  73. Volt Voyage
  74. Supercharged Shenanigans
  75. Shock and Roll
  76. Buzzworthy
  77. Electric Ecstasy
  78. Zappity Zap
  79. Electra-ganic
  80. Model Fun
  81. Watt a Blast
  82. Charge-a-rama
  83. Voltage Viper
  84. Giggle Factory
  85. Bolt Blaster
  86. Model Zest
  87. Power Panda
  88. Electron Enigma
  89. Model Silly
  90. Amp-tastic
  91. Shockwave Supreme
  92. Tesla-tease
  93. Electrify Me
  94. Bolt Outta the Blue
  95. Sparkling Spaceman
  96. Model Yippie
  97. Watt’s So Funny
  98. Turbo Tesla
  99. Jolt Jester
  100. Electri-fied
  101. Model LOL
  102. Charge-o-matic
  103. Voltage Vortex
  104. Giggle Getter
  105. Bolt Bonanza
  106. Tesla Trickster
  107. Electra-gasm
  108. Model Chuckles
  109. Amped Antics
  110. Shock Star
  111. Tesla-tainment
  112. Power Pizzazz
  113. Electron Euphoria
  114. Model Glee
  115. Watt a Hoot
  116. Charge Champ
  117. Voltastic Voyage
  118. Giggle Generator
  119. Bolt Brigade
  120. Tesla Tickle
  121. Electra-laughs
tesla charging point
tesla charging point

Funny Tesla Names For Female

  1. Tessie the Tesla
  2. Electric Ella
  3. Volt Vixen
  4. Sparkling Sarah
  5. Jolting Jessica
  6. Tesla Tina
  7. Ambarella
  8. Shocking Susan
  9. Electra Emily
  10. Model Maddie
  11. Charged Charlotte
  12. Tesla Tess
  13. Lightning Lily
  14. Electra Elegance
  15. Bella Bolt
  16. Tesla Taylor
  17. Model Michelle
  18. Voltage Victoria
  19. Supercharged Samantha
  20. Zap Zoe
  21. Tessalicious
  22. Electric Eden
  23. Tesla Tiffany
  24. Electra Eliza
  25. Model Maria
  26. Amped Amanda
  27. Model Marissa
  28. Charge Cheryl
  29. Tesla Trisha
  30. Sparky Sydney
  31. Volt Vanessa
  32. Shockwave Sheila
  33. Tesla Tammy
  34. Electra Emma
  35. Model Megan
  36. Watt Wendy
  37. Tesla Tanya
  38. Lightning Lila
  39. Electra Ellie
  40. Model Mandy
  41. Zap Zara
  42. Tesslaugh
  43. Electric Evelyn
  44. Tesla Tessa
  45. Charged Chelsea
  46. Electra Erica
  47. Model Molly
  48. Voltage Valentina
  49. Supercharged Sophie
  50. Bella Bianca
  51. Tesla Tara
  52. Electra Elaine
  53. Tesla Thelma
  54. Sparkling Scarlett
  55. Volt Vivian
  56. Shocking Sharon
  57. Electra Erin
  58. Model Melissa
  59. Amped Annie
  60. Tesla Toni
  61. Model Miranda
  62. Charge Claudette
  63. Tesla Tabitha
  64. Sparky Sylvia
  65. Volt Veronica
  66. Tesla Trixie
  67. Electra Edith
  68. Model Marlene
  69. Watt Wilma
  70. Tesla Tasha
  71. Lightning Lola
  72. Electra Evie
  73. Model Maggie
  74. Zap Zelda
  75. Tessy Teagan
  76. Electra Elsie
  77. Tesla Thalia
  78. Charge Cherise
  79. Sparkling Sierra
  80. Volt Violet
  81. Tesla Tessa
  82. Electra Elaine
  83. Model Morgan
  84. Tess the Tornado
  85. Supercharged Selena
  86. Tesla Tilda
  87. Electra Elaina
  88. Model Maxine
  89. Amped Angela
  90. Tesla Tessie
  91. Voltage Vivienne
  92. Sparky Sharon
  93. Electra Esther
  94. Tesla Talia
  95. Model Miley
  96. Lightning Lucia
  97. Zap Zella
  98. Tesla Tiffany
  99. Electra Ella
  100. Model Michelle

Funny Bames For Tesla Model 3

  1. Model Tree
  2. Tesla Threepio
  3. Model T-Hee
  4. Threelectric
  5. Model Free
  6. Trippin’ Tesla
  7. Threemendous
  8. Model Whee
  9. Threedom Fighter
  10. Model E(l)f
  11. Tesla Threezus
  12. Model Thrill
  13. Trike-ola
  14. Amped Up Avenger
  15. Battlestar Galactica
  16. Bolt from the Blue
  17. Electron Express
  18. Electric Eels
  19. Fully Charged Funster
  20. Juice Box Jet
  21. Lightning Lad
  22. Model 3PO
  23. Musk-Mobile
  24. Power Ranger
  25. Road Rage Racer
  26. Shock and Awe
  27. Tesla-Rex
  28. The Electrifyin’ One
  29. The Future Is Now
  30. The Teslacoaster
  31. Watt’s Up?
  32. Zero Emissions, Maximum Fun
  33. Three-Wheelin’
  34. Model Glee
  35. Tesla Tricycle
  36. Model Tee-Hee
  37. Threesy Rider
  38. Model Tickle
  39. Tesla Trifecta
  40. Model Three Stooges
  41. Threependable
  42. Model Wheeeeee
  43. Tesla Treasuresla
  44. Model Tee-Party
  45. Threezzy Does It
  46. Model T-Hilarious
  47. Tesla Threelicious
  48. Model Treehouse
  49. Three’s Company
  50. Model Tee-Hee-Hee
  51. Tesla Triforce
  52. Model Threezy
  53. Three-peat Tesla
  54. Model T-ROFL
  55. Tesla Treeshaker
  56. Model Threelax
  57. Three-Wheel Drive
  58. Model Tee-Hee Express
  59. Tesla Thrillseeker
  60. Model Threezannoying
  61. Threeluminati
  62. Model T-Party
  63. Tesla Threespresso
  64. Model Thrill-a-Minute
  65. Threelicity
  66. Model Tee-Hee-Mobile
  67. Three-Wheely Cool
  68. Model Three Amigos
  69. Tesla Trinomnomnom
  70. Model Threemendously Fun

Tesla Car Names Model Y

  1. Model Y-Not
  2. Y-Wonderful
  3. Tesla Tornado
  4. Y-Wing
  5. Model Y-Mazing
  6. Yippee Y
  7. Tesla Trekker
  8. Model Y-Essence
  9. Y-Not Zippy
  10. Tesla Thrill Y
  11. Model Yowza
  12. Y-Rocket
  13. Tesla Y-Awesome
  14. Model Yipster
  15. Y-Magine
  16. Tesla Typhoon
  17. Amped Up Y
  18. Battlestar Galac-Y
  19. Bolt from the Y
  20. Electric Y-Eel
  21. Fully Charged Funster Y
  22. Juice Box Jet Y
  23. Lightning Lad Y
  24. Model Y-PO
  25. Musk-Y-mobile
  26. Power Y-anger
  27. Road Rage Racer Y
  28. Shock and Awe Y
  29. Tesla-Y-Rex
  30. The Electrifyin’ Y
  31. The Future Is Y-Now
  32. The Teslacoaster Y
  33. Watt’s Up Y?
  34. Zero Emissions, Maximum Fun Y
  35. Model Yay!
  36. Y-Fire
  37. Tesla Yodeler
  38. Model Yabba-Dabba-Doo
  39. Y-Ecstasy
  40. Tesla Twister
  41. Model Yaycation
  42. Y-Licious
  43. Tesla Yonder
  44. Model Yeehaw
  45. Y-Electric
  46. Tesla Tornado
  47. Model Yum
  48. Y-Haven
  49. Tesla Y-Namite
  50. Model Yeezy
  51. Y-Electra
  52. Tesla Y-Notorious
  53. Model Yeepee
  54. Y-Adventurer
  55. Tesla Y-Wow
  56. Model Yeezus
  57. Y-Delight
  58. Tesla Tropi-Y-Cal
  59. Model Yum-Yum
  60. Y-Quest
  61. Tesla Thunder Y
  62. Model Yessirree
  63. Y-Euphoria
  64. Tesla Yikes!
  65. Model Yachtmaster
  66. Y-Power
  67. Tesla Tidal Wave
  68. Model Yeehauler

Tesla Name Puns

  1. Teslamentary
  2. Volts-wagen
  3. Ohm Sweet Ohm
  4. Tesla-vision
  5. Shock and Awe
  6. Amp-ly Amazing
  7. Elon’s Pride and Joy
  8. Ludicrous Speedster
  9. Electrifying
  10. Tesla-tation
  11. Model S-izzle
  12. Bolt Blaster
  13. Lightning McTesla
  14. Amped Up Attitude
  15. Tesla-tricity
  16. Current Obsession
  17. Power Play
  18. Thunderstruck
  19. Model Y-Not
  20. Sparking Joy
  21. Electra-Glide
  22. Volt-age of Discovery
  23. Shocking Performance
  24. Bolt Bolt Lightning Jolt
  25. Watt a Blast
  26. Tesla-fy Me
  27. Charge-o-matic
  28. Electra-licious
  29. Zap-tastic
  30. Ludicrous Laughter
  31. Model Wow
  32. Voltage Viking
  33. Tesla-nating
  34. Electra Cool
  35. Sparky McSparkface
  36. Model Glee
  37. Supercharged Shenanigans
  38. Lightning Strikes
  39. Model Zest
  40. Jolt Jester
  41. Tesla-tainment
  42. Electric Ecstasy
  43. Bolt Bonanza
  44. Watt’s So Funny
  45. Electrifying Elegance
  46. Model S-arcasm
  47. Power Pizzazz
  48. Buzzworthy
  49. Tesla-tickle
  50. Amp-ly Entertaining


Funny Tesla names are a testament to the creativity and individuality of Tesla owners. From whimsical unicorns to scientific tributes, these names reflect the diverse passions and interests of the people behind the wheel. Whether you’re drawn to the speed of “Bolt Lightning” or the history of “Volta,” there’s a Tesla name out there for everyone.

In the world of electric vehicles, Tesla stands out not only for its cutting-edge technology but also for its sense of humor and creativity in naming its cars. From Model S to Cybertruck, each name tells a story and adds to the brand’s charm. As Tesla continues to push the boundaries of what electric vehicles can be, we can look forward to more funny and unconventional names that make us smile.

How do you give a Tesla a nickname?

Giving your Tesla a nickname can be a fun and personalized way to make your electric buddy feel even more special. First things first, think about what makes your Tesla unique to you. Is it the sleek design, its incredible acceleration, or maybe even the fact that it’s the envy of all your friends? Whatever it is, use that as your inspiration. For instance, if you’re in love with the speed and power of your Tesla, you could go for something like “Thunderbolt” or “Flash.” If you admire its eco-friendliness, “Eco Warrior” could work. The key is to choose a name that resonates with you and reflects your car’s personality.

Now, once you’ve brainstormed some options, take your time to see which one feels just right. Sometimes, it takes a few test runs, and that’s perfectly fine. You can also involve your friends and family in the process for some creative input. Once you’ve settled on the perfect nickname, make it official! You can get a custom decal or license plate with the name, or simply introduce your car to your circle using its new nickname. Remember, it’s all about making your Tesla uniquely yours, so have fun with it! 🚗💨✨

Nickname For Tesla Owners

Here are some nicknames that people commonly use for Tesla owners:

  1. “Teslarians”
  2. “Tesla Enthusiasts”
  3. “Tesla Drivers”
  4. “Electric Pioneers”
  5. “Tesla Fanatics”
  6. “Tesla Owners Club”
  7. “EV Enthusiasts”
  8. “Electric Vehicle Advocates”
  9. “Tesla Troupe”
  10. “Tesla Tribe”

These nicknames are often used to identify and celebrate Tesla owners and enthusiasts within the community.

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