900+ Ultimate List of Funny Apple TV Names for a Good Laugh


Hey there! Are you tired of the same old mundane names for your Apple TV devices? I mean, who wants to stick with generic names like “Living Room Apple TV” or “Bedroom Apple TV,” right? It’s time to inject a dose of humor and creativity into my Apple TV naming game. Picture this: the delight on my guests’ faces when they see my Apple TV named something hilariously unexpected.

But where do I even begin, you ask? Well, fear not, because I’ve stumbled upon a world of witty and comical Apple TV names that are bound to make me giggle. In a nutshell, I’ve curated a list of the funny Apple TV names out there, each one guaranteed to bring a smile to my face. We’re talking pun-tastic plays on words and pop culture references that leave me in stitches.


Picture this: my Apple TV transforming from a plain device to a source of entertainment even before I start streaming. These clever names are just the tip of the iceberg, too. There’s a whole treasure trove of humorous monikers waiting for me to explore.

Funny Apple TV names
Funny Apple TV names

So, without further ado, I’m diving headfirst into the hilarious world of Apple TV naming to make my entertainment setup a whole lot funnier!

20 Funny Apple TV Names: Adding a Dash of Humor to Your Entertainment

In the world of technology and entertainment, Apple has always been at the forefront. With their sleek designs, cutting-edge features, and innovative products, they have captured the hearts of millions. However, there’s one aspect of Apple devices that often gets overlooked – their names.


1. I see you

Definition: “I see you” adds a touch of mystery to your TV experience, as if your TV has its own set of eyes, playfully winking at you whenever you watch your favorite shows.

2. Apple Pie TV

Definition: “Apple Pie TV” evokes warmth and coziness, making your entertainment space feel as comforting as a slice of homemade apple pie.

3. Siri-sly Funny TV

Definition: This name playfully emphasizes the voice-activated assistant, Siri, suggesting that your TV has a clever sense of humor.

4. FruitTube

Definition: “FruitTube” is a clever mashup of “fruit” and “YouTube,” describing your TV’s entertainment capabilities with a fun twist.

5. iLaugh Lounge

Definition: Create an atmosphere of joy and laughter with “iLaugh Lounge,” setting the mood for an enjoyable time with friends and family.

6. Cine Apple

Definition: If you’re a movie buff, “CineApple” combines “cinema” and “Apple” to highlight your TV’s role in cinematic experiences.

7. FunnyFlicks Station

Definition: This name lets guests know they can expect comedy shows and movies on your TV, promising hours of laughter.

8. Giggle Box

Definition: “GiggleBox” maintains a playful atmosphere, suggesting that your TV is a treasure trove of amusement.

9. Tech Comedy Central

Definition: A nod to the popular comedy network, this name promises endless laughter and entertainment from your TV.

10. AppleTV LOL Edition

Definition: With “LOL” right in the name, your guests will know they’re in for a hilarious time, expecting loads of laughter.

11. I chuckle Cinema

Definition: “Chuckle Cinema” implies that your TV is a place where laughter reigns supreme, perfect for comedy enthusiasts.

12. Smile Stream TV

Definition: This name suggests that your TV broadcasts smiles and happiness, making it a delightful source of entertainment.

13. Whimsi Vision

Definition: “WhimsiVision” hints at a whimsical and imaginative viewing experience, where anything can happen.

14. Guffaw Box TV

Definition: With “guffaw” in the name, your TV is sure to deliver hearty laughter, making it the ultimate source of amusement.

15. Comedy Crisp

Definition: “ComedyCrisp” implies that your TV serves up comedy that’s fresh, sharp, and irresistibly funny.

16. Chuckle Vista

Definition: “ChuckleVista” paints a picture of a scenic and amusing view, making your TV the go-to spot for laughter and entertainment.

17. Lighthearted Screen

Definition: This name suggests that your TV is a gateway to a world of lightheartedness and fun, perfect for those seeking a good time.

18. Mirthful Monitor

Definition: “MirthfulMonitor” conveys that your TV is more than just a screen; it’s a source of continuous merriment and laughter.

19. Amuse Vision

Definition: “AmuseVision” hints at a TV that provides endless amusement, ensuring that your entertainment is always entertaining.

20. Jokes Box

Definition: “Jokes Box” promises a box full of jokes and humor, making your TV the life of the party whenever it’s on.

Complete List of Funny Names for Apple TV

  1. Applesauce
  2. Bitten
  3. The Core Comedian
  4. Fruitflix & Chill
  5. Crunch Time Cinema
  6. Apple TV-tainment
  7. iLaughTV
  8. The Big Apple Screen
  9. Orchard Oddities
  10. Byte-sized Comedy
  11. Siri-ously Funny
  12. Pomedy Central
  13. Laughing Apple Lounge
  14. Granny Smith’s Comedy Club
  15. Apple TV+ Hilarity
  16. GiggleBox
  17. AppleTV LOLfest
  18. Apples to Laughter
  19. iComedy Network
  20. Snapple TV
  21. Fruit of the Funny
  22. Apple’s Comedy Core
  23. Laughter Library
  24. FunnyFruit Flicks
  25. HahaHarvest
  26. Apple’s Giggle Garden
  27. Byte Meets Funny
  28. Crisp Comedy Central
  29. Appletainment
  30. The Laugh Lounge
  31. ApplePie’s Stand-Up
  32. Chuckle Channel
  33. Mac-n-Laughter
  34. iTickleTV
  35. Orchard of LOLs
  36. The Joke Orchard
  37. Apple’s Comedy Crate
  38. Laugh Track TV
  39. Crunchy Comedy Corner
  40. Apple TV Chuckles
  41. Funny Fruit Films
  42. Comedy Apple Cart
  43. iSmile Network
  44. Laugh Lab TV
  45. Apple a Day of Laughs
  46. Giggle Gallery
  47. The Core of Comedy
  48. Pippin’ Funny
  49. Apple TV LOL Lounge
  50. Jester’s Juicebox
  51. The Giggle Grove
  52. Hilarious Harvest
  53. Apple TV Comedy Cabaret
  54. Chuckle Crate
  55. Comedy Orchard Oasis
  56. The Lighthearted Apple
  57. Laughing Leaf TV
  58. Giggles ‘n Grins Channel
  59. Apple Comedy Clubhouse
  60. The Funny Farm
  61. HahaTV
  62. Apple’s Jester Junction
  63. Chuckles and Chews
  64. Comedy Orchard Channel
  65. The Silly Screen
  66. Apple’s Giggle Gallery
  67. Fruitful Funny Flicks
  68. The Humorous Harvest
  69. LOLapple TV
  70. Byte Meets Laughter
  71. The Chuckle Crib
  72. Apple’s Comedy Court
  73. Laugh Lagoon
  74. Comedy Core Collection
  75. The Joke Jungle
  76. Apple’s Comedy Cellar
  77. Snicker Stream
  78. The Laughing Log
  79. Funny Fruit Follies
  80. Apple TV Guffaw Garden
  81. Chuckle Chest
  82. Comedy Orchard Oasis
  83. The Lighthearted Apple
  84. Giggle Grotto
  85. Apple Comedy Cove
  86. The Haha Haven
  87. Chuckles ‘n Cheers Channel
  88. Apple’s Laughing Lodge
  89. Silly Screen Central
  90. The Giggle Gallery
  91. Apple’s Chuckle Chamber
  92. Fruitful Funnies Channel
  93. Hilarity Hideaway
  94. LOLapple Lounge
  95. Byte of Humor
  96. Chuckle Checkpoint
  97. Apple’s Comedy Corner
  98. Laughing Lake
  99. Comedy Collection Crate
  100. The Joke Junction
  101. Apple’s Chuckle Club
  102. Grin and Giggle TV
  103. Core
  104. Crunchy
  105. Forbidden Fruit
  106. iBinge
  107. iCouch Potato
  108. iEntertainment
  109. iTV
  110. iWatch
  111. Netflix and Chill
  112. Remote Control Hog
  113. Screen Time Suck
  114. TV Time
  115. Weekend Warrior
Couple Watching Harry Potter on TV
Couple Watching Harry Potter on TV

If you have a specific interest, you can also choose a name that is related to that. For example, if you love to watch movies, you could name your Apple TV “Cineplex” or “Popcorn Machine.” If you love to play games, you could name it “Arcade” or “Game Over.”

You can also get creative and come up with your own unique names. For example, you could name your Apple TV “The Portal to Another World” or “The Best Way to Waste Time.”

No matter what name you choose, make sure it is something that you will enjoy seeing when you turn on your Apple TV.

Cool Apple TV Names

  1. Cinematheque
  2. Gameverse
  3. Media Hub
  4. Streamatorium
  5. TV Central
  6. Video Vault
  7. Apple TV Infinity
  8. TechNest Cinema
  9. ByteStream Lounge
  10. StellarScreen TV
  11. Elevate Entertainment
  12. Cosmic Apple Cinema
  13. AquaFusion
  14. FuturaFlicks
  15. Zenith Vision
  16. ChromaCinema
  17. Infinity Edge TV
  18. NovaView Apple TV
  19. QuantumQube
  20. HighVoltage HD
  21. CrystalCove Cinema
  22. SolarFlare Screen
  23. UltraWave TV
  24. BeyondHD Apple
  25. NexusNook Theater
  26. BlazeBox Cinema
  27. VortexVista TV
  28. AuroraArrow Screen
  29. NebulaNova TV
  30. RadiantRays Cinema
  31. XploreXperience TV
  32. FusionFrame Flicks
  33. ZenithScape TV
  34. IgnitionInfinite
  35. QuantumQuest Cinema
  36. PulsarPixel TV
  37. ElectraEdge Entertainment
  38. NeoWave Apple TV
  39. StellarVista Screen
  40. PixelPulse
  41. OdysseyOasis Cinema
  42. DreamMachine Apple
  43. MirageMotion TV
  44. NebulaNest Theater
  45. EvokeEpic TV
  46. MatrixMarvel Screen
  47. InfinityFusion Flicks
  48. QuantumQuasar TV
  49. HyperDrive Cinema
  50. TerraTech Apple TV
  51. PhotonPulse Theater
  52. CosmosCrest TV
  53. ZenithZoom Screen
  54. CelestialCineplex
  55. RadiantReels
  56. SpectrumSpace Cinema
  57. AstroPixel Apple
  58. FuturaFlicks TV
  59. NovaNest Theater
  60. InfiniteHorizon Screen
  61. CrystalClear Cinema
  62. HyperNova TV
  63. VisionVista Apple TV
  64. NebulaNirvana Screen
  65. ZenithZephyr
  66. QuantumQuest Cinema
  67. PixelPulse Theater
  68. XploreXpanse TV
  69. FusionFrame Flicks
  70. IgnitionInfinite TV
  71. StellarScape Cinema
  72. OdysseyOasis Screen
  73. DreamMachine TV
  74. MirageMotion Apple
  75. NebulaNest Theater
  76. TerraTech TV
  77. MatrixMarvel Screen
  78. InfinityFusion Flicks
  79. QuantumQuasar
  80. HyperDrive Cinema
  81. CelestialCineplex
  82. RadiantReels Screen
  83. SpectrumSpace
  84. AstroPixel Cinema
  85. FuturaFlicks Theater
  86. NovaNest TV
  87. InfiniteHorizon Screen
  88. CrystalClear Cinema
  89. HyperNova TV
  90. VisionVista Apple TV
  91. NebulaNirvana Screen
  92. ZenithZephyr TV
  93. QuantumQuest Cinema
  94. PixelPulse Theater
  95. XploreXpanse TV
  96. FusionFrame Flicks
  97. IgnitionInfinite TV
  98. StellarScape Cinema
  99. OdysseyOasis Screen
  100. DreamMachine
  101. MirageMotion Apple
  102. NebulaNest Theater
  103. TerraTech TV
  104. MatrixMarvel Screen
  105. InfinityFusion Flicks
  106. QuantumQuasar
  107. iPortal
  108. iTheater
  109. iVision
  110. Ultra Lounge
  111. Viewing Room
  112. Watchverse
  113. Weekend Getaway
  114. Chill Zone
  115. Entertainment Central
  116. Media Oasis
  117. Screen Haven
  118. TV Nirvana
Apple TV remote
Apple TV remote

Apple TV WiFi Names

  1. Apple TV Wi-Fi Network Names:
    • Apple TV Oasis
    • Apple TV Connection
    • Apple TV HQ Network
  2. iPhone-Inspired Wi-Fi Names:
    • iPhone Central
    • iPhone Oasis
    • iPhone Wireless
  3. iPad-Themed Wi-Fi Names:
    • iPad Galaxy
    • iPad Universe
    • iPad Haven
  4. Macintosh-Inspired Wi-Fi Network Names:
    • Mac Connection Hub
    • Mac Oasis Network
    • Macintosh Wireless
  5. Apple Watch Wi-Fi Network Names:
    • Watch Network HQ
    • Apple Watch Wireless
    • Timepiece Wi-Fi
  6. Apple Ecosystem-Inspired Wi-Fi Names:
    • Apple Harmony Network
    • Apple Devices Hub
    • iEcosystem Wi-Fi
  7. iTunes and iCloud-Inspired Wi-Fi Names:
    • iTunes Streaming Hub
    • iCloud Connection
    • Apple Music Oasis

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Your entertainment setup should reflect your personality, and what better way to do that than by choosing a funny and unique name for your Apple TV? These suggestions are sure to bring a grin to your face and set the tone for a fantastic viewing experience.

So, whether you’re hosting a movie night or enjoying downtime, let your TV’s name add a dash of humor to the mix.

How TO Change Your Apple TV Name?


Can I change my Apple TV’s name to one of these funny options?

Yes, you can! Simply go to your Apple TV’s settings, navigate to “General,” and select “Name.” From there, you can choose one of these amusing names.

Will changing my Apple TV’s name affect its performance?

No, changing the name of your Apple TV won’t impact its performance or functionality in any way. It’s purely for personalization.

Can I create my own funny name for my Apple TV?

Absolutely! Feel free to get creative and come up with a unique and humorous name that suits your style.

Are there any restrictions on the length of the Apple TV name?

Yes, Apple TV names can be up to 32 characters long. So, keep your funny name within that limit.

What if I change my mind about the name later? Can I switch back to the default name?

Yes, you can always revert to the default name by following the same steps in the settings menu. Your entertainment, your choice!

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