200+ The Walking Dead WiFi Names | Ultimate List Of 2023


In the digital age, having a unique and attention-grabbing WiFi name is not only fun but can also be a great conversation starter. If you’re a fan of the popular TV series “The Walking Dead,” why not combine your love for the show with your WiFi network name? In this article, we’ll explore some creative Walking Dead WiFi names that will make your network stand out. But before moving toward the Walking Dead wifi names, you must read about the Walking Dead series introduction;

The Walking Dead Description

The Walking Dead is a popular American post-apocalyptic horror television series based on a comic book series of the same name created by Robert Kirkman, Tony Moore, and Charlie Adlard. The TV series premiered on AMC in October 2010 and ran for 11 seasons until its conclusion in 2022. It became a cultural phenomenon, attracting a dedicated fanbase and critical acclaim.


The show is set in a world overrun by zombies, referred to as “walkers” or “biters,” and follows a group of survivors as they struggle to stay alive in this dangerous and chaotic environment. The central focus of the series is not only on the threat of the undead but also on the moral dilemmas, interpersonal conflicts, and emotional challenges faced by the characters.

Some of the key characters include Rick Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln), who serves as the group’s leader, and other memorable characters like Daryl Dixon (played by Norman Reedus), Michonne (played by Danai Gurira), Carol Peletier (played by Melissa McBride), and many more. Over the course of the series, viewers witness the characters’ evolution as they adapt to the new world order and face both human and zombie threats.

The Walking Dead Wifi Names
The Walking Dead Zombie Poster With Wifi Logo

“The Walking Dead” explores themes such as survival, morality, leadership, and the breakdown of society in the face of an apocalyptic event. It also delves into the concept of how far people are willing to go to protect themselves and their loved ones.


The success of the TV series led to several spin-off shows, including “Fear the Walking Dead,” which explores the early days of the outbreak on the West Coast, and “The Walking Dead: World Beyond,” which follows a group of young survivors on a quest to find safety and answers.

In addition to the television adaptations, “The Walking Dead” franchise includes video games, novels, comics, and merchandise. It has left a significant impact on popular culture and has garnered a loyal fan base worldwide.

The 100 Best Walking Dead Wifi Names

Here are 100 WiFi network names for your wireless router based on Walking Dead:

  • The Walking Dead Fans
  • Zombie Free Zone
  • Survivors Network
  • Negan’s Network
  • Alexandria Safe Zone
  • Whisperers Hideout
  • Rick Grimes Router
  • Walkers Watchtower
  • Michonne’s Wireless
  • Carl’s Connection
  • Daryl Dixon WiFi
  • Woodbury WLAN
  • Hilltop Hotspot
  • Fear The Biters
  • No Negan Here
  • Terminus Terminal
  • All Out War Net
  • Dead Inside Zone
  • Alexandria WiFi
  • Governor’s Gigabit
  • Grimes Family WiFi
  • Walkers Everywhere
  • Fear The Dead Zone
  • The Saviors Net
  • Dead Man Walking
  • Carol’s Cable
  • Lucille’s Lan
  • Michonne And Rick
  • The Negan Slayers
  • Hilltop Heroes
  • Whisperers Wireless
  • Alexandria Strong
  • Savior Squad WiFi
  • Woodbury Survivors
  • Walkers Beware
  • The Zombie Apex
  • Carl And Enid Net
  • Hilltop Homestead
  • Sanctuary Signal
  • Negan Nemesis
  • Fear The Herd
  • Whisperers Watch
  • Zombie Zapper
  • The Walking Wifi
  • Dead End Connection
  • Alexandria Defenders
  • Savior Security
  • Terminus Towers
  • Hilltop Hotspot
  • Kingdom Connect
  • Enid And Alden Net
  • Fearless Survivors
  • Walkers Retreat
  • Negan Not Welcome
  • Alexandria Stronghold
  • Savior Strong
  • Woodbury Warriors
  • Fearless Fighters
  • Whisperers Warning
  • The Survivor Sanctuary
  • Carl’s Courage
  • All About Zombies
  • Survivors Strong
  • Zombie Zoo
  • Kingdom Kings
  • Alexandria Alliance
  • The Last Stand
  • Savior Squad Strong
  • Fear The Hoard
  • Whisperers Ward
  • Apocalypse Access
  • Rick And Michonne
  • Dead Zone Defense
  • Sanctuary Signal Strength
  • Hilltop Heroes HQ
  • Zombie Zone Zappers
  • No More Negan
  • Alexandria Avengers
  • Kingdom Keepers
  • Woodbury War Zone
  • Fearless Faction
  • The Survivor Stronghold
  • Carl’s Clique
  • Walkers Beware
  • Savior Slayers
  • Dead Man’s Domain
  • Whisperers Warning Zone
  • Alexandria Armory
  • Kingdom Knights
  • All Out Apocalypse
  • Hilltop Heroes Haven
  • Fear The Survivors
  • Safe At Sanctuary
  • Woodbury Warriors Wi-Fi
  • Walkers Watchful
  • Negan No More
  • Alexandria Allies
  • Whisperers Watchtower
  • Savior Stronghold
  • Rick And Michonne Net

Funny Walking Dead Wifi Wireless SSID Names

Here are 100 funny Walking Dead-themed Wi-Fi names:

  • The Walking Dead Zone
  • Wi-Fi of the Living Dead
  • Rick’s Router
  • Negan’s Network
  • Carl’s Connection
  • Michonne’s Mesh
  • Daryl’s Data Den
  • Glenn’s Gigabit
  • Hershel’s Hotspot
  • Merle’s Mobile Hotspot
  • Governor’s Gateway
  • Walkers Welcome
  • Alexandria Access
  • Saviors Signal
  • Hilltop Hotspot
  • Whisperer’s Wireless
  • Terminus Terminal
  • Woodbury Web
  • Atlanta Antenna
  • Zombie-Free Zone
  • Dixon’s Deadspot
  • Eugene’s Ethernet
  • Grimes’ Grid
  • Maggie’s Modem
  • Tara’s Transmitter
  • Carol’s Connection
  • Rosita’s Router
  • Andrea’s Access Point
  • Dale’s Data Network
  • Enid’s Ethernet
  • Sasha’s Signal
  • Negan’s No Wi-Fi Zone
  • Walkers Only
  • Survivors Signal
  • Hilltop Hideout
  • Whisperer’s Wi-Fi Whisper
  • Terminus Tagline
  • Woodbury’s Web of Fear
  • Atlanta Apocalypse Access
  • Dead Man’s Data
  • Fear the Wi-Fi Dead
  • Zombies Ate My Signal
  • Dixon’s Data Depot
  • The Grimes Gang Network
  • Maggie’s Megabit
  • Tara’s Tower
  • Carol’s Cryptic Connection
  • Rosita’s Roaming Router
  • Andrea’s Apocalypse Access
  • Dale’s Dead End Network
  • Enid’s Endless Ethernet
  • Sasha’s Secure Signal
  • Negan’s Neglected Network
  • Zombie Outpost
  • The Sanctuary Signal
  • Scavenger’s Stronghold
  • Prisoner’s Private Wi-Fi
  • Carl’s Coral Connection
  • Judith’s Just-In-Time Wi-Fi
  • The Whisperer’s Whispers
  • Terminus Total Isolation
  • The Kingdom’s Connection
  • Savior’s Strong Signal
  • Alexandria’s Armory
  • Hilltop’s Hidden Hotspot
  • Woodbury’s Walkers Warning
  • Survivors Safe Spot
  • Walkers Won’t Pass
  • Daryl’s Dead Zone
  • Rick’s Reliable Router
  • The Governor’s Guarded Gateway
  • Michonne’s Mighty Mesh
  • Glenn’s Great Gigabit
  • Hershel’s House of Hotspots
  • Merle’s Mobile Mania
  • Walkers Whispering Woes
  • Carl’s Cryptic Connection
  • Negan’s No-Nonsense Network
  • Walkers Welcome, Survivors Beware
  • Alexandria Alert
  • Savior’s Secure Signal
  • Hilltop Hideaway
  • Whisperer’s Warning
  • Terminus Transceiver
  • Woodbury’s Walled Wi-Fi
  • Atlanta Access Annihilation
  • Zombie-Proof Network
  • Dixon’s Den of Data
  • Grimes Gang’s Gigabit
  • Maggie’s Mobile Mansion
  • Tara’s Tough Transmission
  • Carol’s Cryptic Codes
  • Rosita’s Rogue Router
  • Andrea’s Apocalypse Alert
  • Dale’s Dead End Den
  • Enid’s Everlasting Ethernet
  • Sasha’s Secure Station
  • Negan’s No-Nonsense Network
  • Walkers-Free Wi-Fi
  • Zombie Slayer Signal

Names For Zombies in the Walking Dead

In “The Walking Dead” TV series and comic books, zombies are often referred to as “walkers.” However, the survivors have come up with various other zombie names for them to make the world feel more real and to cope with the horror of the situation. Here are some of the names characters have used for zombies in “The Walking Dead”:

  1. Walkers: These are the most common types of zombies in the series. Their primary role is to create an ever-present threat to the survivors. They roam in groups, searching for living flesh to feed on, and are a constant danger that survivors must avoid or fight off.
  2. Biters: This is another term for walkers zombie and is used interchangeably. Biters describe their behavior of biting and attacking humans to feed on their flesh.
  3. Roamers: Roamers are walkers that wander around aimlessly. They are often encountered alone or in small groups and can be easier to deal with than larger herds.
  4. Lurkers: Lurkers are walkers that hide or remain stationary in one place, often near a potential food source, like a building or a trapped animal. They wait for potential prey to come close and then attack.
  5. Geeks: This term was used early in the series and is synonymous with walkers. It emphasizes their grotesque and mindless nature.
  6. Creepers: Creepers are walkers that move very slowly, sometimes crawling on the ground. They may be injured or decayed to the point where they can’t walk but are still a threat.
  7. Deadheads: This is another slang term for walkers, highlighting their lack of cognitive function and single-minded focus on finding food.
  8. Skinbags: This term emphasizes the decaying and deteriorated appearance of walkers, as they often appear as bags of rotting flesh.
  9. Zeds: “Zeds” is a shorthand term for zombies. It’s commonly used by characters as a way to refer to the undead.
  10. Rotters: This term is similar to “walkers” and refers to zombies in a state of decay, emphasizing their deteriorating physical condition.
  11. Infected: In some contexts, especially in the early days of the outbreak, zombies may be referred to as “infected” to highlight the fact that they were once living people who were infected with the virus that reanimates them.
  12. Crawlers: These are walkers who have lost the use of their legs but are still capable of crawling or dragging themselves toward potential prey.
  13. Stinkers: A term used to describe walkers due to their foul odor, which often accompanies decomposition.
  14. Herd: A herd is a large group of walkers that can be extremely dangerous and overwhelming for survivors. Herds can number in the hundreds and pose a significant threat.
  15. Floaters: This term might be used to describe walkers in bodies of water, such as lakes or rivers, or those that have washed up on the shore.
  16. Lamebrains: This is a humorous term used by some characters to mock or dehumanize the zombies, highlighting their lack of intelligence.
  17. Ghouls: Another term for zombies that underscores their gruesome and terrifying nature.
  18. Zom-zoms: A lighthearted and playful term used humorously by some characters, especially children, to refer to zombies.
  19. Meat puppets: A derogatory term that emphasizes the idea that zombies are animated corpses being controlled by an external force.
  20. Cold bodies: This term might be used to describe the lifeless and unfeeling nature of the zombies, contrasting them with living humans.

These are just a few of the creative zombie names that survivors have come up with to describe the undead in The Walking Dead universe. The choice of name often varies from group to group and region to region within the series.

Conclusion For Walking Dead Wireless Modem Names

Your WiFi network name is a small but fun way to express your interests and stand out in the digital world. With these creative Walking Dead WiFi names, you can pay tribute to one of the most beloved TV series of all time while ensuring your network is easily recognizable and secure. So, go ahead and choose the one that best suits your style, and let your WiFi name tell a story to anyone who connects.

Remember, the key to a good WiFi name is to keep it unique, entertaining, and reflective of your personality. Enjoy your newfound connection to the world of “The Walking Dead” every time you log in!

Scary Zombie Cartoon
Scary Zombie Cartoon

Are scary wifi names good or bad?

Scary Wi-Fi names can be a lot of fun, and whether they’re good or bad really depends on your perspective and the context. Personally, I think they can add a bit of humor and creativity to the otherwise mundane world of Wi-Fi networks. Imagine your friends coming over and chuckling at your “FBI Surveillance Van #347” network name. It’s a conversation starter, for sure!

However, it’s essential to remember that what’s funny or entertaining to one person might not be to another. Some people might find scary Wi-Fi names offensive or in poor taste, especially if they’re genuinely unnerving or inappropriate.

So, it’s crucial to strike a balance and ensure your Wi-Fi name doesn’t cross any boundaries or make your neighbors uncomfortable. Ultimately, the decision on whether scary WiFi names are good or bad depends on your sense of humor and the vibes you want to give off in your neighborhood. Just be mindful of your audience, and you’ll be good to go! 😄📶

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