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This post will help you to find the best Pokemon wifi names. If you love the pokemon master game then you must change your wireless router name today.

In today’s digital age, having a creative and eye-catching Wi-Fi name has become somewhat of a trend. It’s a small way to showcase your personality and interests to your neighbors and guests. If you’re a Pokémon enthusiast, why not take your WiFi naming game to the next level with Pokemon WiFi names?


In this article, we’ll explore some of the most imaginative and playful Pokemon game WiFi names that are sure to make your network stand out. So, grab your Poké Ball, and let’s get started on this Wi-Fi naming adventure!

What’s in a Wi-Fi Name?

Pokemon Wifi Names List
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Before we dive into the Pokémon Wi-Fi names, let’s take a moment to understand the importance of a WiFi name. While it may seem trivial, your Wi-Fi name is the first thing people see when they search for available networks. It’s like the cover of a book, giving a glimpse of what’s inside. Choosing a unique and captivating WiFi name can bring a smile to someone’s face or spark a conversation. Plus, it’s a reflection of your personality and interests, making it a fun and personalized touch to your home network.

Gotta Name ‘Em All!

Now, let’s explore some Pokemon Wifi names ideas that will make you the envy of your friends and neighbors.


Pika-WiFi, I Choose You!

Channel your inner Ash Ketchum with this catchy and playful Wi-Fi name. Just like Ash’s dedication to catching ’em all, your Wi-Fi will be ready to connect with all your devices.

H2: “Charizard’s Hotspot”

Fire up your internet connection with this fiery Wi-Fi name. It’s perfect for those who love Charizard’s scorching breath and want their Wi-Fi to be just as blazing fast.

Eevee’s Evolutionary Network

Eevee is known for its ability to evolve into various forms, and your Wi-Fi can adapt too. Whether you need speed, reliability, or coverage, Eevee’s got you covered.

Squirtle Squad Secure

Squirtle and its squad are always up for a challenge. Keep your network secure with this water-themed Wi-Fi name.

Jigglypuff’s Lullaby Lane

Jigglypuff’s soothing song puts anyone to sleep. Ensure your Wi-Fi connection is as smooth as a lullaby with this charming name.

Gengar’s Haunted Hotspot

If you enjoy a touch of spookiness, Gengar’s Wi-Fi hotspot will give your network an eerie and mysterious aura.

Bulbasaur’s Garden Gateway

For those who have a green thumb and love Pokémon, this Wifi name of Pokemon brings the tranquility of a garden to your digital world.

Best Pokemon Wifi Names of 2023

Here are 30 Pokémon-themed Wi-Fi network names in English:

  1. Pikachu’s Powerhouse
  2. Charizard’s Hotspot
  3. Eevee’s Evolving Network
  4. Gengar’s Ghostly Connection
  5. Bulbasaur’s Broadband
  6. Snorlax’s Sleepy Signal
  7. Jigglypuff’s Singing Network
  8. Pokémon Master
  9. Elite Four
  10. Champion
  11. Kanto Region
  12. Johto Region
  13. Hoenn Region
  14. Sinnoh Region
  15. Unova Region
  16. Kalos Region
  17. Alola Region
  18. Galar Region
  19. Hisui Region
  20. Team Rocket’s Disconnected
  21. Magikarp’s Weak Signal
  22. Mewtwo’s Mind Link
  23. Meowth’s Money Maker
  24. Squirtle’s Surfing Spot
  25. Psyduck’s Confused Connection
  26. Pidgey’s Flying Wi-Fi
  27. Gyarados’s Torrential Stream
  28. Ditto’s Network Clone
  29. Lapras’s Iceberg Internet
  30. Clefairy’s Fairy Ring
  31. Onix’s Rock Solid Connection
  32. Vulpix’s Firewire
  33. Zubat’s Cave Connection
  34. Abra’s Teleport Hub
  35. The Pokédex of Knowledge
  36. Ash’s Pikachu
  37. Charizard’s Flamethrower
  38. Hydro Pump
  39. Thunderbolt
  40. Psychic
  41. Ice Beam
  42. Hyper Beam
  43. Master Ball
  44. Poké Ball
  45. Great Ball
  46. Ultra Ball
  47. Oddish’s Garden of Wi-Fi
  48. Machop’s Muscle Network
  49. Poliwag’s Puddle Portal
  50. Rattata’s Rapid Network
  51. Geodude’s Rocky Road
  52. Cubone’s Bone Signal
  53. Togepi’s Egg Stream
  54. Haunter’s Haunted Hotspot

You can also use the names of your favorite Pokémon or Pokémon teams. For example, if your favorite Pokémon is Pikachu, you could name your Wi-Fi network “Pikachu’s Playground” or “Pikachu’s Power Plant.” If your favorite Pokémon team is Team Rocket, you could name your Wi-Fi network “Team Rocket’s Secret Lair” or “Team Rocket’s Hideout.”

No matter what Pokémon WiFi name you choose, make sure it’s something that you and your friends will enjoy. After all, you’ll be seeing it a lot!

Funny Pokemon Wifi Names

Feel free to use these creative pokemon game WiFi names to add a touch of Pokémon humor to your network.

  1. Get off my LAN
  2. Gotta Catch ‘Em All
  3. Team Rocket’s Secret Lair
  4. Pikachu’s Power Hub
  5. Charizard’s Hotspot
  6. Eevee’s Evolutionary Network
  7. Jigglypuff’s Lullaby LAN
  8. Snorlax’s Snooze Station
  9. Bulbasaur’s Vine WiFi
  10. Gengar’s Haunting Hotspot
  11. Meowth’s Pay-per-Bit
  12. Squirtle’s Surf ‘n’ Stream
  13. Psyduck’s Psychic Connection
  14. Magikarp’s SplashNet
  15. Ditto’s Transformation Network
  16. Charmander’s FireWire
  17. Pidgey’s Fly-Fi
  18. Clefairy’s Cosmic Connection
  19. Machop’s Muscle LAN
  20. Slowpoke’s Stream Dream
  21. Poliwhirl’s Whirlpool WiFi
  22. Abra’s Teleportation Network
  23. Rattata’s Quick Byte
  24. Gyarados’s Dragon Network
  25. Vulpix’s FireFox
  26. Oddish’s Garden Gateway
  27. Geodude’s Rock Solid WiFi
  28. Cubone’s Bone Zone
  29. Porygon’s Digital Domain
  30. Dratini’s Dragon Den
  31. Togepi’s Eggcellent WiFi
  32. Mr. Mime’s Mimecast Network
  33. Onix’s Stone Strong Signal
  34. I’m Not Ash
  35. Pikachu’s Wi-Fi (Gotta catch ’em all!)
  36. Squirtle’s Squad
  37. Charizard’s Lounge
  38. Bulbasaur’s Botanical Garden
  39. Eevee’s Evolution Station
  40. Jigglypuff’s Lullaby
  41. Meowth’s Payday
  42. Psyduck’s Headache
  43. Gengar’s Ghostly Wi-Fi
  44. Snorlax’s Siesta
  45. Mewtwo’s Laboratory
  46. Team Rocket’s Secret Lair
  47. Poké Ball Express
  48. I Choose You
  49. The WiFi is Slowpokes
  50. Squirtle Squad
  51. Pikachu’s Power Plant
  52. Magikarp’s Splash
  53. Team Mystic
  54. Team Valor
  55. Team Instinct

Here are some more creative and punny names:

  • Wi-Fi-ght the Inevitable
  • PokéFi
  • I Choose You, Wi-Fi
  • Gotta Surf the Web
  • My Precious Wi-Fi
  • PokéLAN
  • The Pokédex Network
  • Master Trainer’s Wi-Fi
  • Pokémon Trainer’s Club
  • Wi-Fi Center
  • PokéStop Hotspot
  • Elite Four’s Exclusive Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi Naming Etiquette

While it’s fun to get creative with your WiFi name, it’s essential to be considerate of your neighbors. Avoid using offensive or controversial names that might offend others. Keep it light-hearted and enjoyable for everyone.


Choosing a Pokémon Wifi name can be a fantastic way to showcase your love for this iconic franchise while adding a touch of personality to your home network. From “Pika-WiFi, I Choose You!” to “Bulbasaur’s Garden Gateway,” the possibilities are endless. Just remember to be creative, keep it fun, and respect your neighbors’ sensibilities.

Do I have to be a Pokémon fan to use these names?

Not at all! These names are inspired by Pokémon but can be enjoyed by anyone who appreciates creativity.

Now that you’ve got some fantastic Pokémon-themed Wi-Fi wireless router name ideas, go ahead and give your network a fun and memorable identity. Remember, it’s not just about connecting to the internet; it’s about making a statement and spreading a little joy in the digital world.

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