350+ Funny Mustache Names! Mustaches Name That Are a Riot!


Are you tired of your ordinary beard grooming routine? Looking to add a dash of humor and personality to your facial hair game? Well, you’re in the right place! In this blog post, we’re diving headfirst into the world of the Best Funny Mustache name ideas that will not only make you chuckle but also spice up your beard grooming like never before. So, are you ready to embark on a whimsical journey through the world of mustache creativity?

If you’ve ever wondered how to transform your facial hair into a conversation starter, look no further. We’ve curated a list of the most amusing and unique mustache names that will leave your friends in splits. From the classic “Handlebar Hero” to the quirky “Whisker Wizard,” we’ve got it all covered. So, keep reading to discover these fantastic mustache monikers and how they can level up your beard grooming game.


But these hilarious and funny mustache names collection are just the tip of the iceberg. Our expert grooming guide will not only provide you with a good laugh but also equip you with valuable tips on how to style and maintain your newfound mustache persona. Get ready to turn heads and make a statement with your facial hair like never before!

Unleash Your Inner Chuckle: Hilarious Mustache Names That’ll Leave You in Stitches

Funny Mustache Names
Funny Mustache Names

When it comes to facial hair, mustaches have always had a special place in the world of style and comedy. Whether you’re a fan of the classic handlebar, the dapper pencil, or the bold walrus, every mustache deserves a name that matches its unique personality. In this rib-tickling article, we’ll explore the world of funny mustache names that are sure to tickle your funny bone. So, grab your grooming kit and get ready for a journey through the wacky and whimsical world of mustache nomenclature!

The Basics of Naming Mustaches

The Mustache Naming Tradition

The art of naming mustaches has a long and storied tradition. From the dignified “Chevron” to the quirky “Toothbrush,” these names often reflect the era and culture in which they gained popularity.


Why Give Your Mustache a Name?

Naming your mustache adds a dash of personality and humor to your grooming routine. It transforms your facial hair into a conversation starter and a source of amusement.

Best Names For Male Mustaches

  1. The Tom Selleck
  2. The Magnum
  3. The Handlebar Hero
  4. The Dapper ‘Stache
  5. The Ron Swanson
  6. The Fu Manchu
  7. The Gentleman’s Grin
  8. The Pencil Pusher
  9. The Whisker Wizard
  10. The Lip Curtain
  11. The Chevron
  12. The Chaplin Charm
  13. The Rocker’s ‘Stache
  14. The Cowboy’s Companion
  15. The Vintage Vibes
  16. The Magnum Opus
  17. The Walrus Whiskers
  18. The Retro Renegade
  19. The Hairy Highway
  20. The Suave Sweep
  21. The Crumb Catcher
  22. The Stubble Statement
  23. The Beard Bridge
  24. The Bristle Bro
  25. The Timeless ‘Stache

Funny Mustache Names of 2023

#1. The Cookie Duster:

This playful name suggests that your mustache resembles the crumbs or dust left behind after munching on cookies. It’s a lighthearted way to describe a mustache that is likely small, light, and delicate, similar to the way cookie crumbs might stick to your upper lip.

#2. The Snot Mop:

The Snot Mop is a humorous term for a mustache that appears to catch and accumulate various debris, much like a mop cleans up spills. It implies that your mustache serves a practical purpose, unintentionally trapping tiny particles like dust or, humorously, a stray drip of liquid.

#3. The Crustache:

Imagine a thin crust of bread stuck to your upper lip, and you’ll have a mental image of The Crustache. This name is typically used for a mustache that is thick, prominent, and well-defined, resembling the appearance of a crust due to its density.

#4. The Lip Broom:

The Lip Broom is a name that suggests your mustache has a sweeping effect on the attention of others. Just as a broom collects dirt and dust, your mustache “collects” the gaze of people, drawing their eyes to your upper lip with its distinctive charm.

#4. The Mouthbrow:

This amusing name likens your mustache to the eyebrows above your eyes. Just as eyebrows frame your eyes and give them character, the Mouthbrow frames your mouth, adding a unique and defining element to your facial appearance.

#5. Flavor Saver:

The Flavor Saver name implies that your mustache has a practical function for those who enjoy savoring the tastes of their food. It suggests that your mustache retains traces of the delicious flavors from your meals, providing a little extra enjoyment even after you’ve finished eating.

#6. The Caterpillar:

The Caterpillar is a whimsical term for a thick and bushy mustache that resembles a tiny crawling critter on your upper lip. It adds a touch of humor and imagination to your facial hair.

#7. Lip Rug:

Think of The Lip Rug as a cozy carpet for your upper lip. This name is often used for a well-maintained, dense mustache that covers the upper lip area fully, creating a soft and inviting appearance akin to a plush rug.

#8. The Sniffer Clipper:

This name humorously suggests that your mustache plays a role in helping you sniff out good scents or odors. It personifies your facial hair as an assistant in the sensory experience of detecting pleasant fragrances.

#9. Nose Neighbor:

The Nose Neighbor is a playful term that implies your mustache resides right next to your nose, almost as if it’s a friendly neighbor on your face. It adds a whimsical and neighborly aspect to your facial features, making your mustache a noteworthy character in its own right.

#10. The Soup Strainer:

The Soup Strainer is a humorous way to describe a mustache that may inadvertently collect drops or splatters when you’re enjoying a bowl of soup. It emphasizes the practical side of having a mustache while adding a touch of whimsy to mealtime.

#11. Whisker Whisperer:

This intriguing name suggests that your mustache has secrets to share, like a whisperer of wisdom. It imbues your facial hair with a sense of mystery and allure, making it seem as though it holds hidden knowledge.

#12. The Face Foliage:

Just as foliage adorns nature, The Face Foliage implies that your mustache is like a small patch of greenery on your face. It adds a whimsical and natural element to your appearance, emphasizing the lushness of your facial hair.

#13. The Upper Lip Umbrella:

Imagine your mustache as a protective shield for your upper lip, guarding it from raindrops like an umbrella. This name adds a playful touch to your facial hair, making it seem both practical and stylish.

#14. Upper Fuzzway:

Similar to a highway, The Upper Fuzzway is the route to a well-groomed upper lip adorned with a charming mustache. It highlights your facial hair’s role in shaping your overall look with a sense of humor.

#15. The Lady Tickler:

This cheeky name implies that your mustache has a flirtatious quality that can tickle hearts. It adds an endearing and playful element to your facial hair, making it sound charming and charismatic.

#16. The Pudding Paddle:

With The Pudding Paddle, your mustache becomes a tool for stirring up fun and excitement wherever you go. It implies that your facial hair is a catalyst for lighthearted and enjoyable moments.

#17. The Crumb Collector:

Sometimes, mustaches inadvertently collect crumbs or small particles, making them a handy snacking companion. This name humorously acknowledges your mustache’s role in saving snacks for later enjoyment.

#18. Mouth Mane:

Just as a wild mane of hair is bold and adventurous, The Mouth Mane likens your mustache to a striking and prominent facial feature. It implies that your facial hair makes a strong and confident statement.

#19. Fluff ‘n Stuff:

This name suggests that your mustache is all about the fluff and stuff, emphasizing its light-hearted and fun-loving nature. It characterizes your facial hair as something whimsical and full of personality, adding a sense of playfulness to your appearance.

#20. The Bro-Stache:

The Bro-Stache is a mustache name that celebrates camaraderie and shared styles among friends. It implies that having this type of mustache is a bonding experience among “bros,” emphasizing the sense of friendship and unity it brings.

#21. The Snack Sack:

Your mustache becomes a convenient storage spot for snacks in this playful name. It suggests that your facial hair is not only stylish but also practical, as it can hold small snacks for on-the-go munching.

#22. The Mo-Luscious:

The Mo-Luscious is a name that emphasizes the luxurious and attractive qualities of your mustache. It implies that your facial hair is so lush and appealing that it deserves its own special name.

#23. The Face Fungus:

This quirky and humorous name adds a touch of eccentricity to your facial hair. It playfully suggests that your mustache is like a unique and unconventional “fungus” that grows on your face, making it sound intriguing and distinct.

#24. The Whisker Wagon:

The Whisker Wagon name suggests that your mustache can take you on a whimsical journey, much like a wagon ride through the world of facial hair. It adds a sense of adventure and fun to your appearance.

#25. The Pucker Protector:

A name that implies your mustache safeguards your pout, adding an element of care and protection to its image. It suggests that your facial hair serves a practical purpose in shielding your lips.

#26. The Kisser Cover:

The Kisser Cover name indicates that your mustache provides a little extra coverage to your lips, making them stand out while maintaining a sense of style and sophistication. It emphasizes the aesthetic and protective aspects of your facial hair.

#27. Lip Liner:

Just as makeup enhances and defines features, The Lip Liner name highlights the defining and framing qualities of your mustache. It suggests that your facial hair adds structure and character to your mouth.

#28. Stash ‘n Flash:

Stash ‘n Flash is all about flashing style with your ‘stache. It implies that your mustache is a key element of your overall style, something that you proudly display or “flash” to the world.

#30. Upper Crust:

The Upper Crust is a mustache name that suggests it elevates your overall look with a sense of refinement and sophistication. It implies that your facial hair is associated with a higher level of style and class, similar to the upper crust of society.

Classic Mustache Names Comparison Table In Details

The Walrus (Idea-1)

The granddaddy of mustaches, this thick and bushy marvel gets its name from its resemblance to the mighty sea creature.

The Handlebar (Idea-2)

With its elegant curls that can be twirled upward, the handlebar mustache conjures images of a bicycle’s handlebars.

Mustache NameDescriptionExample
ChevronA thick, full mustache that partially covers the top lip.Tom Selleck in Magnum, P.I.
EnglishA wide, full mustache that covers the entire upper lip and curls slightly at the corners.Errol Flynn in Robin Hood
HandlebarA long, thick mustache that is waxed and curled upwards.Hulk Hogan
HorseshoeA mustache that is full on the sides and connects to the beard under the chin.Wyatt Earp
PencilA thin, narrow mustache that is trimmed to a straight line.Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind
WalrusA large, bushy mustache that covers the entire upper lip and hangs down below the bottom lip.Sam Elliott
DaliA mustache that is long and thin with the ends curled upwards like the antennae of a grasshopper.Salvador Dali
Fu ManchuA long, thin mustache that is grown over the cheeks and jawline.Fu Manchu in the Dr. Fu Manchu films
Van DykeA mustache with a pointed beard in the middle.Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean
ZappaA mustache that is long and bushy with the ends curled upwards.Frank Zappa
Mutton ChopsSideburns that are grown long and connect to the mustache.General Ambrose Burnside
Soul PatchA small patch of hair grown under the bottom lip.Lenny Kravitz
AnchorA mustache that is connected to the beard under the chin by a narrow strip of hair.David Beckham
Box CarA long, thick mustache that is trimmed to a straight line.Burt Reynolds
Candy CaneA mustache that is white on the outside and black on the inside.John Waters
Chevron Fu ManchuA small patch of hair has grown under the bottom lip.Sam Elliott in The Big Lebowski
Circle BeardA beard that is grown in a circle around the mouth.Hulk Hogan
Dali Fu ManchuA mustache that is a combination of a Dali mustache and a Fu Manchu mustache.Salvador Dali
DucktailA mustache that is trimmed to a point in the middle.Elvis Presley
English HandlebarA mustache that is a combination of an English mustache and a handlebar mustache.Errol Flynn in Captain Blood
Horseshoe WalrusA mustache that is a combination of a horseshoe mustache and a walrus mustache.Wyatt Earp
Pencil Mustache with Soul PatchA Van Dyke mustache with a small patch of hair growing under the bottom lip.Johnny Depp in Pirates of the Caribbean
Pencil WalrusA mustache that is a combination of a pencil mustache and a walrus mustache.Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind
Soul Patch Van DykeA mustache is a combination of a chevron mustache and a Fu Manchu mustache.Johnny Depp in Edward Scissorhands
Zappa WalrusA mustache that is a combination of a Zappa mustache and a walrus mustache.Frank Zappa
ZorroA mustache that is long and thin with the ends curled upwards like the antennae of a grasshopper.Antonio Banderas in The Mask of Zorro

Quirky Mustache Monikers

These monikers are more professional because they avoid using slang or humorous language. They also focus on the expertise and skill required to maintain a well-groomed mustache.

You can also choose a moniker that is related to your profession or industry. For example, a lawyer could use the moniker “Mustache Mastermind” or a doctor could use the moniker “Whiskered Healer.”

No matter what moniker you choose, make sure it is something that you are comfortable with and that reflects your professional image.

  1. Whisker Wizard
  2. Sir Stubblestache
  3. Mo-Master
  4. Mustache Maverick
  5. Captain Curl
  6. Dapper ‘Stache
  7. Handlebar Hero
  8. The Lip Loom
  9. Mr. Fuzzy Face
  10. Baron Beardini
  11. Mustachio Magician
  12. Whisker Warlock
  13. Curly Q King
  14. Tache Trooper
  15. Monsieur Mustachio
  16. The Fu Manchu Fanatic
  17. Dr. Dapper ‘Stache
  18. Slick Stache Steve
  19. The Twirl Titan
  20. Mustache Master
  21. Whisker Virtuoso
  22. Facial Hair Finesser
  23. Goatee Guru
  24. Beard Brainiac
  25. Mustache Maven
  26. Facial Hair Aficionado
  27. Whisker Whisperer
  28. Goatee Genius
  29. Beard Buff
  30. Mustache Maestro
  31. Whisker Wizard
  32. Hairy Potter

Mustaches That Evoke Laughter

I’ve always had a soft spot for mustaches that evoke laughter. There’s just something inherently amusing about facial hair that’s designed to make people chuckle. Let me take you on a whimsical journey through some of my favorite comical mustache styles.

First up, we have the “Curly Cue” mustache. It’s like a mini rollercoaster ride right there on your upper lip. Those exaggerated curls at the ends never fail to bring a smile to my face, reminding me of circus acts and old-timey slapstick comedy.

Then, there’s the legendary “Groucho Marx” mustache. You can’t help but recognize it – thick, bushy, and utterly over the top. It’s a mustache that’s practically a character in itself, and Groucho knew how to use it to perfection, delivering his witty one-liners with impeccable timing.

For a touch of dapper humor, the “Pencil Thin” mustache is a go-to choice. It’s so delicate and refined, it’s almost absurd. Characters sporting this mustache often think they’re the epitome of sophistication, but they end up looking hilariously suave.

Now, the “Handlebar” mustache is a true classic. Those curled ends resembling bicycle handlebars are a sight to behold. It’s the mustache of choice for characters trying way too hard to appear macho or excessively sophisticated, resulting in countless comical situations.

For a touch of villainy, the “Fu Manchu” mustache is perfect. Those long, slender tendrils that creep down the sides of the mouth give characters a mischievous edge. It’s a mustache style that says, “I’m up to no good,” and that’s a recipe for laughter.

Ever seen a “Mismatched” mustache? It’s a hoot! One side is entirely different from the other, creating a lopsided and humorous effect. It’s as if the character just can’t be bothered with symmetry, and that kind of quirkiness always gets a good laugh.

Sometimes, it’s all about color. A “Unusually Colored” mustache in neon green, hot pink, or electric blue is bound to turn heads and tickle funny bones. It’s a visual gag that’s impossible to ignore.

The “Fake Mustache” gag is a timeless classic. Watching a character trying to maintain a disguise with an obviously fake mustache is comedy gold. It’s a reminder that sometimes, it’s the simplest things that make us laugh the hardest.

And then there’s the “Wiggly” mustache – picture a mustache made of flexible material that wiggles and moves independently. It’s a visual effect that can emphasize comedic moments, especially in animated or cartoon settings.

Lastly, we have the “Animal-Inspired” mustache, resembling a cat’s whiskers or a walrus’s tusks. It’s pure costume party hilarity, instantly transforming the wearer into a whimsical creature and ensuring a night of laughter.

So, there you have it, a lighthearted tour of mustaches that never fail to bring joy and laughter to those who sport them. Whether in movies, cartoons, or real life, these facial hair styles are timeless sources of amusement.

Mustache Team Names

  1. The Handlebar Heroes
  2. The Dapper ‘Staches
  3. Mustache Mavericks
  4. The Whisker Warriors
  5. The Stubble Squad
  6. Lip Fuzz Legends
  7. The Moustache Mob
  8. The Groomed Gents
  9. The Tache Titans
  10. The Manly Mustache Militia
  11. The Fuzzy Upper Lips
  12. Whisker Wizards
  13. The Mustache Marvels
  14. The Stache Squad
  15. The Facial Follicles
  16. The Mighty Moustaches
  17. The Hairy Upper Lips
  18. Stache Stars
  19. The Curly ‘Stache Crew
  20. The Whisker Whisperers

The Pop Culture Mustache Phenomenon

The emergence of the pop culture mustache phenomenon signifies a recurring trend wherein mustaches have gained widespread popularity within mainstream culture. While this trend has historical roots, its recent resurgence has been notably prominent.

Several influential factors have contributed to the rise of the pop culture mustache phenomenon. Notably, the advent and proliferation of social media platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have facilitated the sharing of personal styles with a global audience. Within this context, mustaches have emerged as a popular means of expressing individuality and personal flair.

Furthermore, the phenomenon owes a significant portion of its momentum to the endorsement of certain celebrities and iconic figures within popular culture who have sported mustaches. Figures like Ryan Gosling and Tom Selleck, renowned actors in their own right, have played pivotal roles in elevating the mustache to mainstream status. Likewise, musicians such as Frank Zappa and Freddie Mercury have imbued the mustache with connotations of creativity and rebellion.

Mustaches have enjoyed substantial exposure in recent years through their prominent inclusion in popular films and television shows. Iconic characters such as Ron Swanson from “Parks and Recreation” and Ron Burgundy from “Anchorman” are celebrated for their distinctive mustaches, rendering the facial hair style relatable and appealing to a broader demographic.

Moreover, the pop culture mustache phenomenon reflects the evolving landscape of cultural norms. Historically, mustaches were often associated with traditional notions of masculinity and virility. However, in contemporary society, mustaches have transcended gender boundaries, emerging as a viable and fashionable form of self-expression for both men and women.

In summary for funny mustache names, the pop culture mustache phenomenon is a multifaceted trend shaped by a diverse array of influences. Nevertheless, it is evident that mustaches have gained prominence as a fashionable vehicle for asserting individuality in recent years.

Funny Slang Names For Mustaches

These slang terms are often used humorously or playfully to refer to different styles of funny mustache names or to describe someone’s facial hair in a lighthearted way.

  1. ‘Stache
  2. Lip tickler
  3. Soup strainer
  4. Mouth brow
  5. Nose neighbor
  6. Whisker biscuit
  7. Flavor saver
  8. Upper lip foliage
  9. Lip sweater
  10. Crumb catcher
  11. Cookie duster
  12. Mouth brow
  13. Face lace
  14. Nose rug
  15. Mouth brow
  16. Whiskerino
  17. Lip foliage
  18. Cheesesteak
  19. Lip warmer
  20. Handlebar

Best Mustache Fuuny Names For Cats

Two White Beautiful Cats Wallpaper
Two White Cats Picture

These Funny Mastaces names playfully combine the idea of a mustache with your feline friend’s unique personality. Feel free to choose one that suits your cat names the best!

  1. Whiskerstache
  2. Sir Whiskersworth
  3. Meowstache
  4. Furrstache
  5. Captain Whiskerbeard
  6. Mr. Whiskerino
  7. Stachecat
  8. Whiskerwig
  9. Catstache
  10. Mustachio
  11. Whiskerly
  12. Kitty ‘Stache
  13. Fuzzystache
  14. Moustail
  15. Purrfect Stache
  16. Mewstachio
  17. The Whisker King
  18. Sir Whiskerpaws
  19. Mustache Kitty
  20. Paws McGraw

Conclusion For Funny Mustache Names

I’ve had an absolute blast exploring the world of funny mustache names. From the whimsical “Soup Strainer” to the suave “Lip Broom,” these quirky monikers add a playful and humorous touch to an already charming facial accessory. Whether you sport a “Caterpillar Creep” or a “Whisker Widget,” one thing’s for sure – a good mustache deserves an equally amusing name.

So, as I bid adieu to this delightful journey through facial hair creativity, I encourage you all to embrace the laughter and joy that can come from a simple mustache and its comical title. After all, in a world that could use a little more levity, a funny mustache name might just be the perfect remedy. Cheers to laughter and the marvelous world of mustaches!

Funny Mustache Wifi Names

Here are some funny Wi-Fi names related to mustaches, Feel free to choose any of these fun Wi-Fi names for your network!

  1. “The Mustache Network”
  2. “Handlebar Hotspot”
  3. “I Mustache You for the Password”
  4. “Wi-Fisticated Stache”
  5. “The Mustache Mansion”
  6. “Sir Connects-A-Lot”
  7. “Mustache Rides, Free Wi-Fi”
  8. “Upper Lip Wi-Fidelity”
  9. “Whisker Wireless”
  10. “Mustache Madness Network”
  11. “Stache and Stream”
  12. “Movember Magic Network”
  13. “Wi-Fine Mustaches”
  14. “Lip Service Network”
  15. “Mr. Wi-Fistache”
  16. “The Fu-Manchu Free Zone”
  17. “Manly Mustache Wi-Fi”
  18. “Stachetastic Streaming”
  19. “Curl Up and Stream”
  20. “The Handlebar Hideaway”

FAQs (Frequently Asked Fun-est Questions) Funny Mustache Names

1. Can I change my funny mustache’s name whenever I want?

Absolutely! Your mustache, your rules. Get creative and change its name as often as you like.

2. Are there mustache-naming contests?

Yes, some events and online communities host mustache-naming contests where you can showcase your naming skills.

3. Can funny mustache names reflect my personality?

Definitely! Your mustache’s name can be a reflection of your sense of humor, interests, or even your favorite pop culture icons.

4. What are the weirdest mustache names ever recorded?

One contender is “The Pringles Mustache” because it looks like the iconic chip mascot’s upper lip fuzz.

5. Is there a mustache name generator online?

Yes, you can find online generators that suggest hilarious mustache names based on your preferences.

Unlock the door to a world of mustache funny names merriment and creativity!

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