600+ Anime Wifi Names For Router Network SSID Of 2023


Do you want your wireless connection to stand out and reflect your love for anime? Well, you’re in for a treat! In this article, we delve into the fascinating world of Anime Wifi Names. But before we reveal some of the most creative and eye-catching names, let me ask you this: Have you ever wished your Wi-Fi network could transport you to the fantastical realms of your favorite anime series?

In a nutshell, Anime Wifi Names are the secret ingredient that can turn your perfect mundane WiFi name network into a conversation starter. From “Naruto’sNinjaNetwork” to “DragonBallZConnect,” the options are as limitless as the anime multiverse itself. We’ll not only provide you with a curated list of these captivating names but also explain how choosing the right one can add a dash of excitement to your online experience. So, if you’re ready to embark on a journey that combines your passion for anime with your need for a unique WiFi identity, let’s dive into the enchanting world of Anime Wifi Names.

Anime Wifi Names
Anime Character with Wifi Logo

But these intriguing options are just the tip of the iceberg. There’s a whole treasure trove of Anime router names waiting to be discovered, and we’ve got an expert in the field to guide us through this exciting realm. Join us as we explore the creative, quirky, and sometimes downright hilarious world of Anime network SSID wireless Wi-Fi names, and find the perfect name that will not only make your neighbors envious but also make you feel more connected to your favorite anime characters and worlds.

What Is Anime?

Anime is a term used to describe a style of animation that originated in Japan but has captured the hearts of viewers worldwide. It’s not just a genre; it’s a diverse medium that covers a wide range of themes, genres, and artistic styles. Anime can be anything from action-packed adventures to heartwarming romances, and even thought-provoking dramas.

Anime is characterized by its colorful graphics, exaggerated features, and dynamic action sequences. Anime can cover a wide range of genres, including action, adventure, comedy, drama, fantasy, horror, romance, and science fiction.


Some of the most popular anime series include:

  1. Naruto and Naruto: Shippuden
  2. Dragon Ball series (e.g., Dragon Ball Z, Dragon Ball Super)
  3. One Piece
  4. Attack on Titan
  5. My Hero Academia
  6. Death Note
  7. Fullmetal Alchemist and Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  8. Sword Art Online
  9. Cowboy Bebop
  10. Neon Genesis Evangelion
  11. Bleach
  12. Hunter x Hunter
  13. Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba
  14. One Punch Man
  15. Steins;Gate
  16. Tokyo Ghoul
  17. Fairy Tail
  18. Black Clover
  19. JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure
  20. Mob Psycho 100
  21. Gurren Lagann (Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann)
  22. Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion
  23. Haikyuu!!
  24. Made in Abyss
  25. The Promised Neverland
  26. Your Lie in April (Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso)
  27. No Game No Life
  28. Psycho-Pass
  29. Clannad
  30. Re: Zero – Starting Life in Another World
  31. Cowboy Bebop
  32. Great Teacher Onizuka (GTO)

Anime has become increasingly popular around the world in recent years. This is due in part to the rise of streaming services such as Netflix and Crunchyroll, which have made anime more accessible to viewers outside of Japan.

The Art of Choosing an Anime WiFi Name

Why Should You Personalize Your WiFi Name?

Personalizing your WiFi name is a simple yet effective way to add a dash of personality to your network. It not only reflects your interests but can also spark interesting conversations with fellow otaku enthusiasts.

Finding Inspiration in Your Favorite Anime

When selecting the best anime wireless network name, look no further than your favorite anime series. Whether it’s the quirky catchphrase of your beloved character or a reference to an iconic scene, anime offers a treasure trove of naming ideas.

If you are looking for more name ideas, click no more here is the full wifi names library.

Most Popular Anime WiFi Names

In the digital age, Wi-Fi networks have become an essential part of our lives. From powering our smartphones to streaming our favorite shows, a strong Wi-Fi connection is the backbone of modern connectivity. But why settle for a bland, default network name when you can infuse your love for anime into it? let’s explore the fascinating world of “Anime WiFi Names” and how you can make your network stand out with a touch of otaku creativity.

Popular Anime NamesBest Anime NamesWifi Anime Names
Super Saiyan WiFiDeath Note NetFullmetal Internet
My Hero NetworkDragon Ball WifiOne Piece Connection
Ninja RouterSword Art OnlineShinigami LAN
Gundam SignalBleach BrowsingNaruto Net
Fairy Tail WiFiCode Geass LinkJoJo’s Bizarre WiFi
Tokyo Ghoul NetHunter X WiFiGundam Stream
Steins Gate NetNeon Genesis WifiAkatsuki Network
Death Parade NetElfen Lied LANCowboy Bebop Net
Gintama ConnectFairy Tail WebDemon Slayer Net
Soul Eater LANPsycho Pass WiFiDeath Stranding
One Punch LANEvangelion NetParasyte WiFi
No Game No WiFiMob Psycho WiFiTrigun Connection
High School DxDInuyasha NetFairy Odd Parents
JoJo Bizarre NetBlue ExorcistMy Neighbor SSID
Cardcaptor WebPokemon CenterGundam Unicorn
Mirai Nikki NetKill La Kill NetReZero Network
Food Wars WiFiGolden Time LANKono Suba Net
Overlord NetworkSpice And WiFiYour Name SSID
Spirited RouterDeath Fairy NetCowboy Beebop
Gurren LagannDurarara NetHunter X LAN
Hellsing WiFiSailor Moon NetTokyo Ghoul Gate
Naruto 9 TailsDragon Ball Z NetSoul Eater Link
Attack On WiFiSamurai ChampNo Game No Wifi
HxH InternetKillua NetGoku Wifi
Boruto WifiFruits BasketPandora Hearts
Claymore NetFullmetal NetCardcaptor Net
Toradora LANFairy Tail WebBlue Exorcist
Cowboy BeebopSAO InternetChobits WiFi
Great Teacher SSIDKenshin WifiDeath Note LAN
Death Parade LANGantz WiFiK Project Net
Noragami LANDeath Gun SSIDGundam Wing Net
Kuroko LANNGE ConnectionGoblin Slayer

Your Wi-Fi network name, often called the Service Set Identifier (SSID), is like a digital nameplate for your home or office network. It’s what your friends and guests see when they search for available networks, and it can be quite mundane. But why stick with the ordinary when you can make a statement with an anime-themed SSID?

Best Anime Wireless WiFi Names

Anime Lady purple
Purple hair anime chracter
  1. Konoha Hidden Network
  2. One Wi-Fi Piece
  3. Fullmetal Internet
  4. DragonBall Wi-Fi
  5. Death Note Network
  6. Sailor Moon Signal
  7. Attack on SSID
  8. My Hero Network
  9. Code Geass Connection
  10. Hunter x Wi-Fi
  11. Tokyo Ghoul Hotspot
  12. Fairy Tail Net
  13. Naruto Network Village
  14. Sword Art Online Access
  15. Cowboy Bebop Connection
  16. Neon Genesis Wi-Fi
  17. Inuyasha’s Hotspot
  18. Bleach Broadband
  19. Death Parade Access Point
  20. Demon Slayer Network
  21. Dragon Maid Wi-Fi
  22. Black Clover Connection
  23. Psycho-Pass Secure
  24. JoJo’s Wi-Fi Adventure
  25. Attack on Titan Net
  26. Steins Gate Signal
  27. My Neighbor Totoro Wi-Fi
  28. Ghost in the Shell Network
  29. One Punch LAN
  30. Re:Zero Connection
  31. Dragon Ball Super Wi-Fi
  32. Gurren Lagann Access
  33. Cardcaptor Captive
  34. Your Lie in Wi-Fi
  35. Soul Eater Server
  36. Kill la Kill Network
  37. One Piece PirateNet
  38. Hunter x Router
  39. Neon Genesis Evangelionet
  40. Akira Access Point
  41. Fairy Tail Broadband
  42. Death Note Notebook
  43. Cowboy Bebop Hotspot
  44. Inuyasha’s Internet
  45. Bleach Bit Rate
  46. Fruits Basket Wi-Fi
  47. Durarara!! Network
  48. Trigun Transmission
  49. Attack on Modem
  50. Mob Psycho Signal

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Funny Anime Wifi Name And Network SSID

  1. No Free Internet No Life
  2. Super Saiyan Hotspot
  3. Pikachu’s Power Source
  4. Itachi’s Sharingan Wi-Fi
  5. Capsule Corp Connection
  6. WIFI saka Joke
  7. Senpai Noticed You
  8. Kamehameha LAN
  9. Ninja Way Network
  10. My Waifu My Fi
  11. Wi-FighterZ
  12. Titan Takedown
  13. Konoha Internet Ninjas
  14. Jigglypuff’s Lullaby
  15. Gotta Catch Em All Net
  16. Gintama Gigabit
  17. Death By Buffering
  18. Ghost Type Network
  19. Code Geass Codelock
  20. Trust No SSID
  21. This LAN is Over 9000
  22. Sharingan Sharing Wi-Fi
  23. Fullmetal Packet
  24. Chakra Charged Net
  25. Shinigami Signal
  26. Buffering No Jutsu
  27. Nyan Cat Net
  28. It’s Over 9000 Gigabytes
  29. Titan Tea Time
  30. Waifu 4 Life Network
  31. Goku’s Kame-Wi-Fi
  32. Buffering Bijuu
  33. Sailor Signal Moon
  34. Death Notebook Pro
  35. Alchemist’s Alley
  36. Whose LAN Is It Anyway
  37. Wi-Final Flash
  38. Buffering Bender
  39. Fairy Tail Fiber
  40. Sword Art Online But Not Really
  41. Buffering Ball Z
  42. Download No Jutsu
  43. Your Lie In Buffering
  44. Packet Ninja Way
  45. Buffering Saiyan
  46. Buffering BeBop
  47. Buffering No Titan
  48. Anime Buffering Party
  49. Buffering Goddess
  50. Mobile Suit Network

Gaming Wifi Names

  1. Game On, Player 1
  2. Lag Slayer
  3. Wi-Fi Warrior
  4. Loading…Please Wait
  5. No Lag Zone
  6. Gamer’s Paradise
  7. Console Connect
  8. LAN of Legends
  9. Ready Player One
  10. Boss Battle Network
  11. Game of Thrones (for fans of both gaming and the TV show)
  12. The Gaming Den
  13. Victory Royale Network
  14. Low Ping Legends
  15. Raid Party Network
  16. Gaming HQ
  17. Speedrun Sprint
  18. Dungeon Crawler’s Wi-Fi
  19. Esports Elite
  20. Pro Gamer Network
  21. Game of Drones (for drone enthusiasts who also love gaming)
  22. Controller Central
  23. Multiplayer Mayhem
  24. Epic Quest Connection
  25. Pixel Powerhouse
  26. LAN Solo
  27. The Nerd Cave
  28. Fragging Rights Reserved
  29. Loot Crate LAN
  30. The Gaming Grid
  31. Zero Latency Zone
  32. World of Warcraft-Fi
  33. Gamers Unite
  34. FPS Fortress
  35. Online Overwatch
  36. LANtasy Island
  37. Power-Up Point
  38. Gamepad Galaxy
  39. RPG Realm
  40. High Score Hideout
  41. Level Up Lodge
  42. WiFi of Warcraft
  43. Game Freaks’ Hub
  44. Game Overload
  45. The Stream Team
  46. Battle Royale Base
  47. Dungeon Raid Network
  48. Controller Clan
  49. Game Masters’ Den
  50. Game Night Gathering

Anime Wifi Names Based On Characters References

  1. Luffy’s Pirate Network
  2. Goku’s PowerStream
  3. Naruto’s Rasengan Wi-Fi
  4. Sailor Moon’s Moonlight Signal
  5. Inuyasha’s Sacred Jewel Network
  6. Pikachu’s Electric Connection
  7. Edward’s Alchemical Network
  8. Spike Spiegel’s Bebop Network
  9. Kenshin’s Battousai Wi-Fi
  10. Ichigo’s Soul Reaper Network
  11. Saitama’s One Punch LAN
  12. Light Yagami’s Death Note Wi-Fi
  13. Gon’s Hunter Network
  14. Erza’s Fairy Tail Connection
  15. Vegeta’s Saiyan Hotspot
  16. Ryuk’s Shinigami Signal
  17. Asuna’s Sword Art Online Access
  18. Mob’s Psycho-Pass Network
  19. Kaneki’s Ghoul Hotspot
  20. Gon’s Hunter x Wi-Fi
  21. Jotaro’s Stand Signal
  22. Levi’s Survey Corps Connection
  23. All Might’s Plus Ultra Network
  24. Gintoki’s Yorozuya Wi-Fi
  25. Kagome’s Feudal Era Network
  26. Kirito’s Virtual World Connection
  27. Bulma’s Capsule Corp Network
  28. Zoro’s Swordsman Signal
  29. Ryuko’s Kill la Kill Network
  30. Maka’s Soul Eater Wi-Fi
  31. Vegeta’s Over 9000 Network
  32. Holo’s Wise Wolf Wi-Fi
  33. Roy Mustang’s Flame Alchemy
  34. Senku’s Stone Age Network
  35. Gon’s Fishing Net
  36. Killua’s Thunderbolt Connection
  37. Aang’s Avatar Network
  38. Hiei’s Dragon of the Darkness Flame
  39. Rukia’s Soul Society Signal
  40. Sailor Mercury’s Bubble Network
  41. Vash the Stampede’s VashNet
  42. Koro-sensei’s Assassination Network
  43. Simon’s Gurren Lagann Wi-Fi
  44. Homura’s Time-Traveling Hotspot
  45. Nyaruko’s Crawling Chaos LAN
  46. Spike’s Cowboy Bebop Connection
  47. Cardcaptor Sakura’s Magic Net
  48. Hange’s Titan Research Network
  49. Faye Valentine’s Space Cowboy Network
  50. Gon and Killua’s Best Friends Network

Dragon Ball Wifi Names

  1. Kamehameha LAN
  2. Capsule Corp Connection
  3. Goku’s Power Stream
  4. Vegeta’s Saiyan Signal
  5. Dragon Ball Z-Wi-Fi
  6. Frieza’s Free Wi-Fi
  7. Master Roshi’s Hotspot
  8. Shenron’s Wi-Fi Wishes
  9. Cell’s Perfect Connection
  10. Android 18’s Network
  11. Majin Buu’s Sweet Spot
  12. Gohan’s Great Saiyaman Network
  13. Krillin’s Destructo Disc
  14. Piccolo’s Namekian Network
  15. Trunks’ Time Machine Wi-Fi
  16. Bulma’s Dragon Radar Net
  17. King Kai’s Planet Network
  18. Chi-Chi’s House Wi-Fi
  19. Tien’s Tri-Beam Connection
  20. Yamcha’s Wolf Fang Wi-Fi
  21. Dende’s Divine Network
  22. Gotenks’ Fusion Connection
  23. Beerus’ Destroyer Signal
  24. Whis’ Angelic Wi-Fi
  25. Raditz’s Saiyan Saga Network
  26. Bardock’s Fatherly Wi-Fi
  27. Zarbon’s Beautiful Signal
  28. Dodoria’s Brutal Broadband
  29. Nappa’s Saibaman LAN
  30. Bulma and Vegeta’s Family Network
  31. Ginyu Force’s Galactic Hotspot
  32. Grand Elder Guru’s Network
  33. Android 17’s Cyborg Signal
  34. Great Ape Wi-Fi
  35. Future Trunks’ Resistance Network
  36. Tuffle Technology LAN
  37. Supreme Kai’s Universe Network
  38. Android 16’s Peaceful Signal
  39. Hercule’s Champion Connection
  40. Great Saiyaman 2.0 Network
  41. Kami’s Lookout Wi-Fi
  42. Babidi’s Dark Magic Network
  43. Android 13’s Trucking Wi-Fi
  44. Tarble’s Forgotten Network
  45. Toppo’s Pride Trooper Signal
  46. Videl’s Flying Network
  47. Yajirobe’s Sensu Bean Wi-Fi
  48. Puar and Oolong’s Shapeshifter Network
  49. Supreme Kai of Time’s Temporal Wi-Fi
  50. Jiren’s Unstoppable Signal

My Hero Academia Wireless SSID Names

  1. Plus Ultra Network
  2. Deku’s Heroic Wi-Fi
  3. All Might’s Symbol of Peace
  4. Hero Academy Hotspot
  5. One For All Connection
  6. Bakugo’s Explosive Signal
  7. Todoroki’s Half-Hot, Half-Cold Network
  8. Uraraka’s Zero Gravity Wi-Fi
  9. Froppy’s Froggy Network
  10. Tsuyu’s Rainy Day Connection
  11. Iida’s Ingenium Link
  12. Momo’s Creation Wi-Fi
  13. Shigaraki’s League of Villains
  14. Dabi’s Blue Flames Network
  15. Endeavor’s Flame of Justice
  16. Hawks’ High-Flying Signal
  17. Stain’s Hero Killer Network
  18. Ochaco’s Floating Hotspot
  19. Kirishima’s Unbreakable Wi-Fi
  20. Aizawa’s Erasure Network
  21. Jiro’s Earphone Jack Connection
  22. Mineta’s Grape Juice Wi-Fi
  23. Sero’s Tape Dispenser Link
  24. Recovery Girl’s Healing Network
  25. Eri’s Rewind Signal
  26. Ingenium’s Turbo Connection
  27. Kamui Woods’ Forest Network
  28. Mount Lady’s Gigantic Hotspot
  29. Gran Torino’s Speedster Signal
  30. Nomu’s Enhanced Wi-Fi
  31. Cementoss’ Concrete Network
  32. Midnight’s Sleepy Hotspot
  33. Present Mic’s Loud and Clear Connection
  34. Fat Gum’s Absorbent Wi-Fi
  35. Gentle Criminal’s Gentle Network
  36. Mei Hatsume’s Support Gear Link
  37. The Big 3’s Heroic Wi-Fi
  38. Twice’s Clone Connection
  39. Overhaul’s Yakuza Network
  40. Mirko’s Rabbit Hero Hotspot
  41. Ryukyu’s Dragon Scale Wi-Fi
  42. Hawks’ Endeavor Fan Signal
  43. Lemillion’s Permeation Network
  44. Sir Nighteye’s Foresight Wi-Fi
  45. La Brava’s Love Hacker Link
  46. Hawks’ Winged Hero Connection
  47. Shie Hassaikai’s Underground Network
  48. Stain’s Heroic Ideals Hotspot
  49. Endeavor’s Todoroki Family Wi-Fi
  50. One For All Legacy Network

Death Note Wireless Router Wifi Names

  1. Death Note Wi-Fi Connection
  2. Kira’s Killing Network
  3. L’s Logic LAN
  4. Ryuk’s Apple Wireless
  5. Shinigami Realm Wi-Fi
  6. Kira’s Judgment Network
  7. Light Yagami’s Notebook Net
  8. L’s Detective Hotspot
  9. Misa’s Love Struck Wi-Fi
  10. Near’s Successor Signal
  11. Watari’s Secret Connection
  12. Ryuk’s Shinigami Eyes
  13. Death Note Realm Network
  14. Kira Investigation Link
  15. Mello’s Chocolate Connection
  16. Aizawa’s Task Force Wi-Fi
  17. Kiyomi’s Kira Cult Network
  18. Teru Mikami’s Divine Hotspot
  19. Rem’s Death Note LAN
  20. L’s Last Stand Wi-Fi
  21. Matsuda’s Enthusiastic Network
  22. Mello’s Mafia Signal
  23. Mikami’s X-Kira Connection
  24. Naomi Misora’s Notebook Net
  25. Higuchi’s Yotsuba Hotspot
  26. Near’s Toy Wi-Fi
  27. Beyond Birthday’s Killer LAN
  28. Ryuk’s Shinigami Realm
  29. Sidoh’s Shinigami Eyes Network
  30. Ryuk’s Apples Everywhere
  31. Gelus’ Love Sacrifice Wi-Fi
  32. Halle Lidner’s Secret Signal
  33. Ide’s Task Force Connection
  34. Misa’s Devotion Network
  35. Ryuk’s Shinigami Wi-Fi Note
  36. Aiber and Wedy’s Deception LAN
  37. Ryuk’s Death Note Entry
  38. Sayu’s Kidnapped Hotspot
  39. Light and Misa’s Love Connection
  40. Soichiro Yagami’s Police Wi-Fi
  41. Beyond Birthday’s Killer Note
  42. Ryuk’s Munchies Network
  43. Mogi’s Silent Hotspot
  44. Kira’s Divine Wi-Fi
  45. Naomi Misora’s Investigation Net
  46. Ryuk’s Shinigami Message
  47. Mikami’s Divine Judgment Network
  48. Death Note Obsession Link
  49. Higuchi’s Death Note Fever
  50. Ryuk’s Apples for All

jujutsu kaisen wifi names

  1. Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Connection
  2. Gojo Satoru’s Limitless Wi-Fi
  3. Sukuna’s Cursed Domain
  4. Itadori’s Fierce Network
  5. Megumi’s Shikigami Signal
  6. Nobara’s Straw Doll Wi-Fi
  7. Panda’s Animal Hotspot
  8. Maki’s Swordswoman Network
  9. Inumaki’s Forbidden Wi-Fi
  10. Toge’s Cursed Speech Signal
  11. Fushiguro’s Spirit Connection
  12. Yuta Okkotsu’s Rika Network
  13. Mahito’s Cursed Vessel Wi-Fi
  14. Principal Yaga’s Jujutsu Tech
  15. Kugisaki’s Hammering Hotspot
  16. Nanami’s Salaryman Signal
  17. Jujutsu High Curse-Free Network
  18. Kokichi’s Cursed Puppet Wi-Fi
  19. Todo’s Boogie Woogie Connection
  20. Suguru Geto’s Cursed Plan
  21. Cursed Energy Domain Net
  22. Kyoto Jujutsu Sorcerer Network
  23. Gojo’s Blindfolded Bandana
  24. Sukuna’s King of Curses
  25. Jogo’s Infernal Hotspot
  26. Jujutsu Kaisen Academy Wi-Fi
  27. Yuta and Rika’s Echoing Network
  28. Maki’s Non-Sorcerer LAN
  29. Inumaki’s Sushi Speech Wi-Fi
  30. Toge’s Curse Words Signal
  31. Curse Technique Lovers Network
  32. Zenin Clan Connection
  33. Kyoto Sister School Wi-Fi
  34. Kamo’s Cursed Bloodline Hotspot
  35. Shoko’s Healing Cursed Wi-Fi
  36. Mimiko’s Cursed Wounds Network
  37. Kyoto Exchange Event LAN
  38. Sugisawa’s Cursed Prison Signal
  39. Eso and Kechizu’s Cursed Link
  40. Naoya Zenin’s Cursed Power
  41. Akari Nitta’s Cursed Room
  42. Satoru Gojo’s Infinity Net
  43. Sukuna’s Fingers Connection
  44. Jujutsu Sorcerer’s Alliance Wi-Fi
  45. Riko Amanai’s Curse Absorption Network
  46. Cursed Objects Collection Hotspot
  47. Principal Yaga’s Jujutsu Tech
  48. Tsukumo’s Cursed Tally Wi-Fi
  49. Rika Orimoto’s Resonance Signal
  50. Suguru Geto’s Cursed Legacy

Cool & Clever Animie Wifi Names

  1. Shinigami’s Wi-Fi Realm
  2. Pirate King’s Hotspot
  3. Alchemist’s Lab Connection
  4. Saiyan Power Network
  5. Hokage’s Hidden Leaf Wi-Fi
  6. Mobile Suit Gundam Net
  7. Wizarding World Signal
  8. One Piece of the Network
  9. Fullmetal Alchemist’s Wi-Fi
  10. Titans’ No-Go Zone
  11. Sailor Senshi’s Signal
  12. Fairy Tail Guild Wi-Fi
  13. Death Notebook Pro
  14. Dragon Ball Z-Wi-Fi
  15. Cowboy Bebop Connection
  16. Sword Art Online Access
  17. JoJo’s Bizarre Network
  18. Neon Genesis Evangelionet
  19. Inuyasha’s Internet Quest
  20. Code Geass SecureNet
  21. Attack on Titan Hotspot
  22. Akira’s Cyberpunk LAN
  23. Hunter x Wi-Fi Association
  24. Tokyo Ghoul’s GhoulNet
  25. My Hero Network Academy
  26. Spirited Away Hotspot
  27. Nausicaä’s Valley Signal
  28. Princess Mononoke’s Network
  29. Howl’s Moving Castle Wi-Fi
  30. Laputa’s Floating Network
  31. Castle in the Sky-Fi
  32. Ghost in the Shell Network
  33. Trigun Transmission
  34. Your Lie in Network
  35. Soul Eater Server
  36. Kill la Kill Connection
  37. One Punch LAN
  38. Mob Psycho’s Signal
  39. Re:Zero Connection
  40. Cowboy Bebop’s Spaceport
  41. Trigun’s Vash the Router
  42. Akira’s Neo-Tokyo Net
  43. JoJo’s Stand Connection
  44. Death Parade Access Point
  45. Dragon Ball Super Wi-Fi
  46. Cowboy Bebop’s Bounty Net
  47. Cardcaptor’s Clow Wi-Fi
  48. Death Note’s Shinigami Realm
  49. Black Clover Connection
  50. Psycho-Pass SecureNet

Fairy Tail Wifi Names

Cute Couple Anime
Cute Couple Anime Picture
  1. Fairy Tail Guild Wi-Fi
  2. Natsu’s Fiery Hotspot
  3. Lucy’s Celestial Network
  4. Gray’s Iced Connection
  5. Erza’s Requip Wi-Fi
  6. Happy’s Aye Sir Signal
  7. Wendy’s Sky Dragon Net
  8. Gajeel’s Iron Wi-Fi
  9. Juvia’s Water Love LAN
  10. Levy’s Bookworm Hotspot
  11. Makarov’s Master Signal
  12. Mirajane’s Demon Network
  13. Laxus’ Thunderbolt LAN
  14. Cana’s Card Magic Wi-Fi
  15. Elfman’s Beastly Connection
  16. Jellal’s Heavenly Network
  17. Sting and Rogue’s White Shadow LAN
  18. Freed’s Rune Magic Wi-Fi
  19. Bickslow’s Puppeteer Network
  20. Evergreen’s Stone Eyes Signal
  21. Mavis’ Fairy Tactician Net
  22. Gildarts’ Crash Network
  23. Ultear’s Time Magic LAN
  24. Panther Lily’s Exceed Hotspot
  25. Loke’s Celestial Spirit Wi-Fi
  26. Happy and Carla’s Exceed Network
  27. Zeref’s Dark Mage Signal
  28. Acnologia’s Dragon Force Net
  29. Eclipse Gate Connection
  30. Tartaros’ Demon HQ Wi-Fi
  31. Alvarez Empire LAN
  32. Sabertooth Guild Hotspot
  33. Lamia Scale’s Wi-Fi Arena
  34. Blue Pegasus Network
  35. Mermaid Heel’s Ocean Signal
  36. Crime Sorcière LAN
  37. Grimoire Heart’s Dark Magic Wi-Fi
  38. Raven Tail Connection
  39. Phantom Lord’s Guild Hall Net
  40. Fairy Law Wi-Fi Network
  41. Celestial Spirit World Hotspot
  42. Fairy Tail Strongest Team LAN
  43. Guild Arts’ Master Signal
  44. Loke’s Starry Connection
  45. Wendy and Chelia’s Sky Network
  46. Levy and Gajeel’s Bookworm LAN
  47. Cana’s Drinking Contest Wi-Fi
  48. Gray and Juvia’s Love Hotspot
  49. Lucy and Aquarius’ Celestial Pool Net
  50. Fairy Tail Forever Network

Anime Naruto Wifi Names

naruto wifi names
naruto young male boy

Here are some Wi-Fi network names inspired by the anime “Naruto” in English:

  1. Naruto’s Ninjutsu Network
  2. Believe It! Wi-Fi
  3. Hidden Leaf Naruto
  4. Rasengan’s Hotspot
  5. Uzumaki Connection
  6. Hokage’s Naruto
  7. Sharingan Signals
  8. Ramen and Naruto
  9. Leaf Village Ninja
  10. Chakra Channel
  11. Sage Mode Wi-Fi
  12. Rasengan Router
  13. Nine-Tails Naruto
  14. Konoha Shinobi Network
  15. Byakugan Broadband
  16. Team 7’s Internet
  17. Akatsuki Naruto
  18. Ninja Way Wireless
  19. Uchiha Clan Connection
  20. Jutsu Junction
  21. Naruto Sage Mode Signal
  22. Hidden Leaf Hotspot
  23. Tsunade’s Transmission
  24. Shuriken Wi-Fi
  25. Ninja Academy Network
  26. Itachi’s Naruto Network
  27. Chidori Channel
  28. Hokage Mansion Wi-Fi
  29. Village Hidden in Naruto
  30. Believe in Naruto
  31. Sharingan Surveillance
  32. Boruto’s Wi-Fi
  33. Ramen Shop Hotspot
  34. Rasen-Shuriken Signal
  35. Uzumaki Clan Connection
  36. Believe in the Will of Fire
  37. Hidden Leaf Shinobi Wi-Fi
  38. Nine-Tails Chakra Network
  39. Konoha Hokage Wi-Fi
  40. Byakugan’s Insight
  41. Naruto’s Rasengan Link
  42. Akatsuki Hideout Network
  43. Ninja Way Connection
  44. Uchiha Clan Sharingan
  45. Jinchuriki Hotspot
  46. Leaf Village Legends Wi-Fi
  47. Sage of Six Paths Signal
  48. Naruto and Sakura Network
  49. Hokage’s Legacy Link
  50. Hidden Leaf Naruto Network

Feel free to choose one that suits your style and love for the Naruto series!

  • Naruto Uzumaki’s WiFi
  • Sasuke Uchiha’s WiFi
  • Kakashi Hatake’s WiFi
  • Sakura Haruno’s WiFi
  • Team 7’s WiFi
  • Akatsuki’s WiFi
  • Konohagakure’s WiFi
  • Sannin’s WiFi
  • Hokage’s WiFi
  • Jinchuriki’s WiFi
  • Tailed Beast’s WiFi
  • Shinobi World’s WiFi

And here are some more creative and funny anime Naruto WiFi names:

  • Dattebayo! WiFi
  • Believe It! WiFi
  • Ramen WiFi
  • Hidden Leaf Village WiFi
  • Sharingan WiFi
  • Rasengan WiFi
  • Chidori WiFi
  • Sage Mode WiFi
  • Talk-No-Jutsu WiFi
  • Kyubi WiFi
  • Akatsuki WiFi
  • Hokage’s Hotspot

I hope you like these anime wifi names from the Naruto series!

One Piece Wifi Names From Anime Series

Here are some Wi-Fi network names inspired by the anime series “One Piece” in English:

  1. Pirate King’s Network
  2. Straw Hat Pirates Wi-Fi
  3. Sunny Go Signal One Piece
  4. Thousand Sunny Connection
  5. Going Merry Hotspot
  6. Devil Fruit Network
  7. Grand Line Wireless
  8. Luffy’s Pirate Crew
  9. Zoro’s Sword Link
  10. Nami’s Navigator Net
  11. Chopper’s Wireless
  12. Franky’s Cola Wi-Fi
  13. Robin’s Poneglyph
  14. Sanji’s Cookhouse
  15. Brook’s Soul Signal
  16. Jinbei’s Fish-Man Net
  17. Yonko Alliance Wi-Fi
  18. Whitebeard Pirates Network
  19. Big Mom’s Sweet Spot
  20. Blackbeard’s Darkness
  21. Red-Haired Shanks One Piece
  22. Revolutionary Army Link
  23. Marine Headquarters Net
  24. Arlong Park Hotspot
  25. Enies Lobby Connection
  26. Skypiea Sky One Piece Net
  27. Dressrosa Network
  28. Alabasta’s Sand Signal
  29. Thriller Bark Wi-Fi
  30. Water 7 Bridge Link
  31. Sabaody Archipelago piece one
  32. Impel Down Hotspot
  33. Marineford Battlefield
  34. Fish-Man Island Net
  35. Punk Hazard Network
  36. Wano Kuni Wi-Fi
  37. Whole Cake Island Signal
  38. Drum Island Connection
  39. Baratie Restaurant Net
  40. Going Luffy-senpai One Peice
  41. Luffy’s Gomu Gomu Net
  42. Straw Hat Grand Line
  43. Pirate King’s Bounty
  44. Treasure Island Network
  45. Captain Kid’s Crew
  46. Heart Pirates one piece
  47. Bege’s Big Father Net
  48. Revolutionary Dragon’s Network
  49. Buggy’s Clown Connection
  50. Going Merry Forever

Feel free to choose one of these network names to show your love for “One Piece”!

Demon Slayer Wifi Names

Here are some Demon Syler WiFi network names inspired by the anime series “Demon Slayer” (Kimetsu no Yaiba) in English:

  1. Demon Slayer Corps Network
  2. Tanjiro’s Breathing Style
  3. Nezuko’s Silent Signal
  4. Zenitsu’s Thunder Wi-Fi
  5. Inosuke’s Beast Connection
  6. Hashira Meeting Room
  7. Kamado Family Hotspot
  8. Water Hashira’s Domain
  9. Fire Hashira’s Flames
  10. Wind Hashira’s Gale
  11. Stone Hashira’s Strength
  12. Love Hashira’s Charm
  13. Mist Hashira’s Fog
  14. Sound Hashira’s Melody
  15. Serpent Hashira’s Serenity
  16. Upper Moon One’s Network
  17. Upper Moon Two’s Darkness
  18. Demon Syler Three’s Bloodlust
  19. Upper Moon Four’s Roar
  20. Upper Moon Five’s Venom
  21. Demon Syler Six’s Eclipse
  22. Demon Syler Seven’s Crescent
  23. Upper Moon Eight’s Night
  24. Upper Moon Nine’s Shadow
  25. Demon Syler Ten’s Enigma
  26. Hinokami Kagura Connection
  27. Breathing Techniques Net
  28. Demon Slaying Squad Wi-Fi
  29. Nichirin Blade Network
  30. Muzan’s Curse Signal
  31. Blood Demon Art Hotspot
  32. Hashira Training Ground
  33. Kamado Waterfall Estate
  34. Sun Breathing Wi-Fi
  35. Moon Breathing Network
  36. Thunder Breathing Link
  37. Beast Breathing Connection
  38. Water Hashira’s Tears
  39. Fire Hashira’s Passion
  40. Love Hashira’s Compassion
  41. Sound Hashira’s Symphony
  42. Serpent Hashira’s Tranquility
  43. Demon Blood Connection
  44. Slayer’s Mark Wi-Fi
  45. Demon Moon Network
  46. Slayer Corps Hideout
  47. Dance of the Fire God
  48. Blade of Destruction Net
  49. Slayer of Demons Wi-Fi
  50. Nezuko’s Protection

You can choose one of these network names to showcase your love for “Demon Slayer”!

  • amado Family WiFi
  • Demon Slayer Corps WiFi
  • Hashira WiFi
  • Kimetsu no Yaiba WiFi
  • Final Breath WiFi
  • Red Blade WiFi
  • Tanjiro Kamado’s WiFi
  • Nezuko Kamado’s WiFi
  • Zenitsu Agatsuma’s WiFi
  • Inosuke Hashibira’s WiFi
  • Giyu Tomioka’s WiFi
  • Shinobu Kochou’s WiFi
  • Kyojuro Rengoku’s WiFi
  • Tengen Uzui’s WiFi
  • Mitsuri Kanroji’s WiFi
  • Obanai Iguro’s WiFi
  • Gyomei Himejima’s WiFi
  • Muichiro Tokito’s WiFi
  • Sanemi Shinazugawa’s WiFi

And here are some more creative and funny Demon Slayer WiFi names:

  • Ramen WiFi
  • Hinokami Kagura WiFi
  • Total Concentration WiFi
  • Demon Slaying WiFi
  • Breath of the Beast WiFi
  • Breath of the Water WiFi
  • Breath of the Insect WiFi
  • Breath of Thunder WiFi
  • Breath of Flame WiFi
  • Breath of Love WiFi
  • Breath of Mist WiFi
  • Breath of Stone WiFi
  • Breath of Wind WiFi
  • Breath of Sound WiFi

I hope you like these names!

Impact of Anime WiFi Names

1. Conversation Starter

An anime-themed WiFi name can be an excellent icebreaker. Guests and friends who share your passion for anime will appreciate the nod and might strike up interesting conversations about their favorite series.

2. Geek Credibility

Having an Anime SSID Router Name also boosts your geek credibility. It signals to fellow enthusiasts that your network is a haven for all things otaku.

3. Cybersecurity Concerns

While creativity is encouraged, it’s essential to maintain a balance between personalization and cybersecurity. Avoid sharing sensitive information through your network name and ensure your router has a strong password.


In a world where connections matter, let your WiFi network name be a beacon of your love for anime. Choosing an anime name for your Wi-Fi router is a fun and creative way to stand out in the digital realm while forging connections with like-minded individuals. So, go ahead, unleash your inner otaku, and give your network a name that resonates with your anime spirit.

Are there any restrictions on choosing an anime WiFi name?

Generally, there are no specific restrictions, but it’s advisable to avoid offensive or copyrighted names. Be respectful of others while showcasing your love for anime.

Can I change my WiFi name frequently?

Yes, you can change your WiFi name whenever you like through your router’s settings. Feel free to experiment with different anime-themed names.

What if my family members don’t watch anime?

Your anime WiFi name can still reflect your personal interests. It’s a conversation starter and a fun way to express yourself, even if others in your household aren’t anime fans.

Are there any legal issues with using anime names for WiFi?

Using anime names for personal WiFi networks is generally not a legal issue, as long as you’re not using them for commercial purposes or to deceive others.

Do anime WiFi names affect my network’s performance?

No, the name of your WiFi network does not affect its performance. It’s purely a cosmetic change for personalization and identification purposes.

Remember, your WiFi anime hotspot name is an extension of your personality in the digital world, so have fun and let your creativity shine!

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